The newer bolder wave of advertisements

Lately, a few ads have been garnering attention for their nature. To hammer the point home; let’s talk about the specifics of the advertisements that are going to be covered in the article. Same-Sex Karwachauth Dabur and FemIndia’s collaborated ad had been taken down…

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An early Christmas surprise from John Lewis

High-end department store, John Lewis has dropped their advertisement for Christmas two weeks prior. Perhaps, this is meant to serve as a reminder for shoppers to get their Christmas shopping done early. Content of the ad From what has been gathered, an important aspect of John Lewis’ advertisements is the story and the storytelling of the ad. From a personal point of view, these are quite akin and reminiscent of Enid Blyton’s books. For this time, in 2021, a young boy during Christmas time spots a magical rainbow-like beam crashing into the forest. Curious, he checks it out and discovers

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