A place behind the name: Visit Sweden’s ad

Tourism by definition is the business of attracting, accommodating and entertaining foreigners for travelling. Thus, obviously, those who reside within the specific location would be the most suitable candidates for coming up with a tourism video for their location. By standard and for understandable…

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Disney releases Simpsons for Hong Kongers

The subscription issued OTT video streaming platform, Disney+; owned by the influential multi-billion corporation, Disney had decided to extend its services for Hong Kongers. A promo video for expressing the same was released on 16th November.   With the annual subscription price of 738…

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Sustainability, a new goal?

Knowing our planet is on the brink of breaking down isn’t new information anymore. The effects of the Industrial Revolution have caught up with us through current affairs. Articles about scientific articles about climate change, its causes and effects have crept up in daily…

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