Chaotic Tourist Destinations And Ixigo’s Extended Imagination

3 mins read

Online platform launched in 2007, Ixigo is where one can find all resources needed for travelling. Flights, trains, buses and hotels; with the exclusion of car rental services; everything found on the website is an aid to an unfamiliar, young traveller for travels.

Certainly, Ixigo’s services might have been required the most by those who fall under the category of middle-class.  A careful attention to the ads discloses such: the nature of the content is intended more for middle-class and thus naturally revolves more around their lives. It makes sense as they would be the ones watching this as the upper class wouldn’t need such support and the lower class wouldn’t have money to afford provisions like so.

Is Ixigo crafting a new reality in the distant future?

For New Year’s creative, ixigo felt the need to do something different and shareable in their own words and the amusing idea of reimaging the Indian demeanour surrounding railways extending to tourist destinations was born.

The busy and chaotic environment as one approaches the railway stations in India is quite familiar. Ixigo uses the informal sociability of the hustling scenes of these.

Imagine several years from now, when civilisation on Mars will finally be a reality; all thanks to the growing unsustainable practices of residents of Earth; regular travels to Mars might come true. Sketching a light-hearted note of this, the ad is a fabrication of what happens when space customs are combined with common travel etiquette and travel shipments.


The potentiality of the hawkers inside trains now as astronauts, the inhabitancy near the doors, people engaging in card games, the luggage bound to train seats with a long iron chain and lock are all explored. Continuing this possibility to spaceship landing and the parallel possibilities of lifters, coolies and hawkers including the engraved lover’s names on stones and tourists doing touristy things on their holidays.

The future of such prospects can only extend to imaginations as only billionaires have the privilege to scale the space beyond our skies and this is where Ixigo breaks the fantasy to rhyme back its viewer with reality and allow the importance of their services to be advertised.