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The New Year in coming

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The New Year’s greetings are often cloaked as still or print ads as the general perception lean towards the extroverted view of celebrations. Even with the inclusion of quiet, undramatic celebrations of an individual, alone in the corner of one’s room doesn’t give any aid to imaginations for a New Year creative ads. There aren’t many newer, refined deliverances for New Year’s greetings unless of course, a compilation of year’s deeds counts as that.

Popularly; even if the commonality can’t be confirmed as we do not have the means to acquire data from the minds all around the world; change in one’s appearance for the better is assumed to be the most common desire for New Year’s. Kellogg’s used the commonality of New Year’s resolution to make a billboard for it; using a more authoritative than an encouraging tone to boost their viewer’s morale.

Image Source: Out of Home Today

Stasstsloterij’s commercials

Among the depths, a few of Staastloterij’s commercials unearthed are a bit different than letter writing procedure of New Year’s ads.

A mean interpretation of proceeding should be expunged when said that New Year’s resolutions are aimed at self-indulgence. For the self-indulgence example, look for it in the previously provided example when pointed out that most New Year’s resolutions are aimed for an up-gradation from the previous version.

This point has been brought up with the cognition of a possibility to be satisfied with the present situation. However, it should be worth noting that this notion is up for debate based on what is being defined as the ever-present presumably lifeless ‘current situation’.

Say, being thrown in the situation presented by Staastsloterij’s; the Netherland’s state lottery; commercials released for the New Years.

Suppose the interceptor of this article is in a parallel position as to that of the man in the commercial. Is it for the best to always move on to better in this situation?

Plunge in another possibility. Someone you love quite dearly might be looking to replace your presence. Visualising the dooming possibilities, should one seek out better possibilities as well?

A queer idea: can the New Year resolutions be once aimed towards more altruistic guided by the touches of melancholy of one’s life enough to allow someone to maybe say, surpass you financially?

It sure is easy to empathise with the above situations. None of them are suffering the jagged swords of life nor do have grave instances swarming over them. Thus, a tougher test would be to make the current circumstances even tougher than those shown in Staastloerij’s ads. What if the current situation is more perilous like as shown by Bacon, a production company in Denmark, in their holiday ad for 2021.

Happy Holidays 2021

Starting it off as how things have been for about the past two years now; they transition to how the incoming of a  New Year is always a time to look forward to the better. But it might be hard to do so when the Omicron variant threat is looming over our heads and in India, doctors have simultaneously gone on strike. Those in position to change things have decided to turn a blind eye to what is really important in the hope to secure of what little remains for them.

A third wave looks inevitable with such circumstances as it is hard to envision a possibility that the common people are going to practice self-constraint with sole accompaniment of willpower further fuelled with the responsibility to not suffer financially like that in the second wave of Covid-19.