Swiggy describes a cat-astrophe

Swiggy describes a cat-astrophe

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Last month, the food delivery platform decided to renew its premium service; Swiggy SUPER to Swiggy One. The delivery platform which serves its utilities for a price offers you more in the premium package.

Swiggy one needed to look different from its predecessor Swiggy SUPER; so that payees can get feel the advantage and excitement in subscribing to the current one. Hence, all of Swiggy’s services: Genie, Instamart and the food delivery option were rolled into one. The prices were rebranded into a monthly payroll instead of a 6-month commitment to make it look cheaper, more affordable.

Juno and Koko

Almost a week ago, Swiggy launched 2 ads for this premium service to publicise more about it. Animals in advertising often ease the nature of the deliverance of a message in an ad. Therefore, viewers get the stories of 2 adorable animals and familiar household pets: a cat and a dog.

  • Koko, the cat

The stereotypical jest associated with cats is that they hate people and think quite highly of themselves, aren’t very affectionate. Koko happens to be stereotyped too.

Koko had been living the life of luxury; having the home all to herself, until the human companion Shreya got the membership. It seemed like Shreya, similar to her companion Koko also fancied staying home, which was such a catastrophe to Koko.

  • Juno, the dog

On similar lines as the previous ad, Juno; Ashwin’s furry friend is disappointed that Ashwin can’t stay home with him all the time. Juno feels lonely staying alone at home all the time and wishes Ashwin could be with him more often. Take him out on walks, play with him, sit more with him and probably offer some cuddles. Thus, unlike Koko, he is overjoyed when Ashwin signs up for the membership. They both can enjoy the time together, much to Juno’s delight.