Whatsapp new year post

WhatsApp shows what an incomplete New Year celebration looks like

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New Year, New Beginnings

Time is a social construct but almost everyone uses it as a scale for measuring life to ultimately test its value and weight more psychologically.

Since most of the world follows the Gregorian calendar, New Year celebrations are celebrated around the world around the time close to January 1st of next year and December 31st of the present year in different time zones of different places of the planet.

Not that it has to be done in this way, but New Year is also viewed as an opportunity to try something new in life; perhaps even turn over a new leaf altogether. The lasting nature of such spirits can be up for discussion but New Year serves as an opportunity nonetheless.

If personal experience with a half-done relationship isn’t part of life biography; perhaps diving into a hypothetical enactment of one could complete the experience.


Audio making most of the conversation in the ad indecipherable; comes with a present story of 2 people who were once in a couple. While the relationship was still sparking and alive, the chemistry between was blooming. They even ended up moving together. Unfortunately, the guy had to move out and leave the country forever and not seeing a future together with his expected fiancé decided to break things off.

It seems like both still kept in touch; as shown by the start and the end, both were expecting a New Year’s wish from each other.

This is a WhatsApp advertisement only in the way the messages get delivered. It sounds more effective because of the brief background and the involvement of sentiment.

An involvement of sentiment is always effective but also has to be done right as these ads contain a story, almost like a movie and overcompensation by a lack of effort would be clear as day.