Intel's Jab At Macbooks Backfires

Intel brings back Justin Long, the “I’m a Mac” actor to take a jab at Apple’s Macbooks. The ‘Get A Mac’ ads from Apple were very famous in the late 2000s. Among other things, Justin is seen making fun of Apple’s poor support for 2-in-1 devices or the Macbooks’ poor gaming capabilities. However, a large chunk of the community found the ads to be distasteful.

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Problematic Ads Of The 90s

Remember those ads from the 90s that you thought were fun but now completely cringe at? Yes, yes, we know that it took us all a while to unlearn the conditioning that we had overdosed on as kids but now that we look back at all of these ads, we know exactly where the problem lies. For some others however, this listicle shall be an eye opener. Apologies if we ruin one or two of your favourites in the process.   Brace yourself to cringe for an entire lifetime’s worth! Here are five ads that are so problematic, they’d make

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