Recalling Some Of The Best Indian Ad Jingles

Recalling Some Of The Best Indian Ad Jingles

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Indian Bollywood songs have their own essence, and even after all these years, we cannot seem to snap out of them. Well, these exciting numbers are not the only tunes we are obsessed with, and you couldn’t agree any less that the advertising industry has blessed us with some of the most iconic jingles, that still completes our playlists.

Here are some of the best Indian ad jingles, you cannot hold yourself to tune into.

Vicco Vajradanti

One of the oldest jingles and still famous for its melodious tune. The faith in turmeric just grows stronger with the product and the advertisement. Haha, JK.

Pepsi – Yeh Dil Maange More

This dance rhythm from 1998 did win our hearts, and more because it starred the heartthrobs of the entertainment industry.

Close Up – Kya aap Close Up Karte Hai

We call it funny – both the song and the man. The creators did carve a deadly combination, with a dash of nasal twang.

Nirma – Theme Song

Like it or not, this jingle did play in your mind (on loop) every time you went out to buy the detergent.

Ujala – Aya Naya Ujala

Only 4 drops could turn the soiled shirt into a pristine new one. Of course, your mother was so convinced – she kept humming the tune to glory.

Vodafone – You and I in this Beautiful World

A beautiful boy, a beautiful dog, a beautiful world, and of course the lyrics – plenty enough to set off the feeling of bliss?

Uncle Chips – Bole mere lips

Pat your back if you still hum the theme song while munching the pack of Uncle Chips – you’ve successfully relived your childhood. The green pack?

MDH – Asli Masala Sach Sach

In 2020 we’ve lost many legends, one such being Mahashay Dharampal Gulati. Though he is not present with us, his flavorful masalas still occupy one part of our pantry.

Vodafone – Little things you do

We all remember giving 2 chocolates to our classmates and saving 4 for our best friends – on birthdays. Vodafone’s ‘Little things you do’ evokes nostalgia and bliss among former and present school buddies.

Amul – Doodh hai wonderful

When kids and adults were getting drawn towards soft drinks and beverages, this jingle reminded them that ‘Doodh is still cool’. A blend of fun and 90’s ka swag – this jingle still holds the power to make us swing.

Mentos – Dimaag ki batti jala de

Whoever created this ad – sending thousand brownie points to you. Using the two superstar animals, accompanied by the munching sound – wang oung …. is it? Can you figure it out?

Vodafone – Happy to help

Have a glance to see if you can still refrain from going “awweee”. The melancholic tune gives the right kick to the beautiful relationship. Oh yes, do you remember this ad actually soared the popularity of Pug breed and many households adopted the breed?

Amul – The taste of India

Bringing together – the different cultures and parts of India, this advert stole away our hearts. We grew up in the environment of Amul’s milk, ice creams, and cheese slice accompanied by Mahabharata and Zee Horror Show.

Hero Moto Corp – Hum mein hai hero

A song of tears – of inspiration, in the voice of AR Rahman, has ticked all checkpoints in the marketing arena. We are all heroes, and this jingle just proves it right.

Airtel Instrumental

All the Airtel fans out there – are your ringtones still obsessed with this instrumental? Of course, AR Rahman’s composition is not something we can easily get over with!

Ponds – Googly Woogly Woosh

This jingle released back in 2009 has undergone various improvisations over the years, but the original version has been ingrained in our hearts.

Also, the latest song on this jingle in the voice of Monali Thakur and Armaan Malik is as pleasing and therapeutic. Do give it an ear.

Nerolac – Jab ghar ki raunak badhani ho

This jingle has been centered around different adverts in different voices, but honestly, this one is the best. Turing the B&W setting to a world of colors – the energetic SRK has nailed it, along with the epitome of innocence and playfulness – children.

Nescafe – Morning Band

Keeping away your laziness for a minute, you move up to your kitchen, make yourself a good cup of coffee and return to your bean bag – just to watch Shankar Mahadevan and his pals rhyming to the title tune as the couple takes their morning shots (of coffee), and you can’t hold but tap into the mood.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk – Kiss me

This advert is on a different level. Like how can you enjoy your silk without imitating the ad, and the jingle not playing on your mind? We love it, the song, and we know you do too.

Idea – Honey Bunny

Honestly, we had almost forgotten about this advert and more because Idea has joined the Vodafone army (maybe). But we couldn’t completely ignore it and decided to remind everyone about this piece.

Docomo – Friendship Express

Not really a song, but this jingle did create a spark. Though the subsidiary is not alive, back then we really did enjoy this tune.

Airtel – Har Ek Friend

You thought we might have missed this one, come on! How can we forget the friendship anthem? This is the best the advertising industry could gift us, and as the saying goes – the best ones are reserved for the last.

Airtel – Jo Tera Hai Voh Mera Hai

Another yet iconic friendship rhythm. This one’s closer to our hearts. Right?

These are some of the best jingles we can talk about for hours. What’s your favorite one and do you still sing them? Let us know if we’ve missed any!