BBC Creative’s 2020 Tokyo Olympics Promo Reimagines The City In A Futuristic Light

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The Olympics is one of the biggest sporting events in the world that attracts millions of sports fans. People around the globe tune in to watch their country bag the prestigious Olympic medals. And despite the postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics due to the ongoing global health crisis, it is still a major event for sports fans across the world. Thus with the Olympics’ immense popularity, it has become a crucial event for television broadcasters. 

In the US, in what is supposed to be its largest media event ever, NBC Universal intends to broadcast an astronomical 7000 hours of coverage of the Tokyo Olympics. Rightfully, BBC-who will be broadcasting the event in the UK- doesn’t want to be left behind. 

From July 23 till August 8, BBC plans to air more than 350 hours of the event. To build hype and anticipation for the Olympics, BBC Creative has produced a festive and vibrant ad that paints Tokyo city in a new light.

What the BBC Tokyo Olympics ad spot is about 

In the film, Japan’s capital has been reimagined and presented as a fantastical and futuristic city.  Developed by BBC Creative, the advert features more than 50 Easter eggs about the upcoming sporting event. Various elements of Tokyo’s cityscape are Olympic-themed, including street signs, shops, a Gashapon parlour and an arcade. A montage of the BBC’s new virtual reality studio provides viewers with a tour of the city before they enter to watch the Olympics coverage. 

Directors Kibwe Tavares, Jonathan Gales, and Paul Nichols teamed up under their collective, Factory Fifteen along with Nexus Studios to direct and produce the promo. Fantasista Utamaro, a Japanese artist and designer, helped the team with the creation and integration of animation and original artwork throughout the live-action spot. Utamaro also assisted with adding over 50 Easter eggs about the games. The soundtrack for the spot was composed by acclaimed Japanese music composer Kenji Kawai. Kenji Kawai has previously produced soundtracks for popular films and anime such as Ghost in the Shell, Avalon and Hyakkin.

What BBC Said About The Ad Spot

Source: Olympics

Tim Jones, creative director of BBC Creative, said in a statement, “An Olympics hosted in Tokyo was a real gift—a city rich in pop culture, hosting the world’s most eclectic sporting event. It gave us the opportunity to push our campaign both conceptually and in its execution,”. “Every frame of the film is rich with detail, fully immersing our audiences in a Tokyo where the Olympics has already taken over. Just as it will take over all our lives for 16 days this summer. Creating something with this much detail was incredibly intricate but also lots of fun. I’ve watched the edit more times than I can count and I still spot something new or something I forgot we included!”