Budweiser Partners With Actor Bill Pullman For Independence Day Campaign

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Budweiser is celebrating the upcoming Independence Day by partnering up with Bill Pullman by launching its July 4th campaign titled, “Go Fourth, America”. For the campaign, Pullman is seen reprising his most iconic role as President Thomas J. Whitmore from the 1996 movie Independence Day. With this campaign, Pullman is reminding Americans that despite their difference in beliefs and lifestyles, everyone is together in the fight against the coronavirus. 

What The ‘Go Fourth, America’ Independence Day Campaign Includes

The ad spot for the campaign takes a spin on the memorable climactic presidential address from the Independence Day movie by contextualising it for the current pandemic-oriented climate. The spot shows actor Bill Pullman encouraging Americans to celebrate Independence Day like never before. Through its partnership with the humanitarian organization Direct Relief, Budweiser is releasing this ad and offering free beer to raise vaccine awareness and education.

As part of the campaign, Budweiser is pledging to buy a round of beer for people in the United States, if the White House’s goal of 70% vaccination is met by 4th July. Though this target is extremely unlikely to be met, the American brewer is deciding to give everyone a free Bud anyway. Consumers of legal drinking age can get their free beverage at MyCooler.com/beer starting on Friday.

Looking At The Big Picture

Daniel Blake, group vice-president of marketing for Budweiser and Value at Anheuser-Busch said in a statement, “Over the past year, Budweiser has taken a leadership role in the fight against Covid-19 – from sitting out the Super Bowl in order to redirect funds to vaccine awareness campaigns to sharing a ’reunited with Buds’ film to recognize the safe return to bars post-vaccination,”.“Now, Budweiser is helping consumers commemorate all the progress made so far, with a film that reprises an iconic character played by Bill Pullman in time for the Fourth of July. America has put in the work and now it’s time to celebrate with family and friends with a beer in hand.”

In 2021, Budweiser’s brand mission saw the company invest heavily in vaccine access and awareness efforts. During this year’s Super Bowl, Budweiser sat out the major sporting event for the first time in 37 years. Unlike in the past, the iconic Clydesdales remained in the stable and the funds were instead used to promote vaccines. A ‘Reunited Buds’ spot was released in April featuring a puppy and the horses to bring awareness about vaccines to a broader audience. The company also gave free beer to consumers who provided proof of vaccination.

But for this 4th July campaign, Budweiser is taking its vaccine awareness drive to a whole new level by offering a complimentary beverage to the entire country.