Brand Campaigns That Are Urging People To Get Vaccinated

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This is a hard time. For you, for us, and everyone around. The time when everyone is expected to play their role in maintaining safety protocols and take the vaccine shots, the frustrating myths around the vaccine programs are planting seeds of hesitation. Steering through the clutter are our favorite brands, putting up their creative campaigns and promoting the vaccine drive using digital and social

It’s been a long since we could search events without having to ad terms like ‘virtual’, ‘online’, and the like. Seems like Google is reminiscing those days too. Thus, their latest ad campaign is a real encouragement for us to get back to what we love, after the vaccine shot.

Source: YouTube

Meanwhile, Budweiser brings up the nostalgic good times when group parties were random without the need to wear masks and sanitizers. The advert ends with ‘Good Times are coming. Now we have a shot’.

Source: YouTube

In another ad campaign, Uber appreciates Americans for getting their jabs. Not long ago they also thanked the world for not riding with them. This vote of thanks has actually encouraged people to get their shots, and for those who are yet to get vaccinated – Uber is providing free rides to them.

Source: YouTube

The light and witty campaign set forth by the e-commerce platform CARS24 is yet another move we’ve stumbled upon. Like, using the names of automobile companies to highlight the importance of vaccines is a whole new thing. See it for

Source: Media News 4U

Moving forward, dating apps like OkCupid, Hinge, and Tinder have leveled up by teaming up with the White House and introducing the ‘I am Vaccinated’ badge on their customers’ profiles. So, these are some of the campaigns that caught our attention. In such difficult times, brands are devising ways to encourage their audience and deliver optimistic messages – and we truly appreciate that.

Did you get your shot?