TikTok Launches Spark Ads To Drive Community Content

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Although TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform, it isn’t as mature as Facebook or Instagram when it comes to advertising on the platform. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, TikTok only allowed brands to sponsor posts before they were posted. Now, TikTok is looking to bridge this gap by launching a new product called Spark ads to drive community-created content that enables brands to sponsor a product after it has been published.

With Spark Ads, TikTok aims to promote native content while offering brands the chance to solidify their presence in a genuine way. TikTok is looking to build meaningful interactions between advertisers and the TikTok community. Brands can amplify their original content seamlessly through Spark Ads while offering substantial brand value. 

How TikTok Spark Ads Will Elevate Advertising 

Source: TikTok

TikTok says that the new feature will help brands build an authentic and robust content strategy. With Spark Ads, brands can increase their visibility by leveraging existing organic content that matches their campaign objectives. Brands can now sponsor content based on objectives such as views and conversions, with greater flexibility and efficiency. This new feature allows brands to be authentic while creating a lasting impression on the platform. 

Through Spark Ads, brands will be able to capitalise on trending organic content and build a marketing strategy based on them. This will help advertisers curate content that is more in line with popular trends and viral content. Thus brands will be able to effectively target audiences and ensure that their promotional content comes off as sincere and authentic. All this will ensure that the integration between original and ad content is seamless and fluid. 

As part of its ad products, the social media platform only offered paid clicks in the past, but the latest Spark Ads also offers options such as paid followers, likes, and shares. With Spark Ads, users can now visit the brand’s page or find the music used in the ad. This option was previously only available as part of user-generated videos. 

Looking at The Big Picture

To show brands and advertisers the effectiveness of Spark Ads, TikTok presented a case study with a UK-based coffee chain, Costa Coffee. Costa Coffee gained 42 million impressions and saw a 159% increase in new followers (18,000) after it spent £1.39 ($1.89) CPM on the ads. 

Speaking about the new ad feature, a spokesperson from TikTok said, “Content on TikTok has endless potential to inspire creativity. We’re excited to introduce this product to our brands and partners. As we continue to build TikTok as a place where communities and brands connect and discover, we look forward to seeing the boundless opportunities and creativity that awaits inside the TikTok universe.”

Changes like these illustrate how brands are becoming more aware of the importance of organic content, and creators by extension. By utilising Spark Ads, advertisers on the platform will have the power to create dynamic and precise ad content. Brands can better decide the kind of content they wish to sponsors, as they study content that is viral and trending.