Emoji For Marketing: Brand Campaigns That Have Aced The Game

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Is it something new for you? Well, brands have been doing just the right thing over the years. Emojis are fun, relatable, and easy to consume, aren’t they? A survey found that 51% of respondents are more likely to engage with brand posts if they include emojis. So, leveraging emoticons as a part of marketing is like adding a little zing to their campaigns.

In no particular order, here are a few brands that have succeeded in the art of emoji marketing.

Taco Bell

The brand has always stayed ahead by its smart marketing moves. However, little did consumers know the brand’s stellar efforts could actually pave way for the taco emoji. In 2014 Taco Bell was able to convince the Unicode Consortium to include the taco emoji in the 8.0 release of the Unicode Standard. The Change.org petition organized by the brand received 33,000 signatures that greatly contributed to the victory. Celebrating in style, the brand launched a Twitter-based campaign driven by Taco Emoji Engine. The campaign asked consumers to tweet the taco emoji with another emoji, the response to which was a mash-up of both. Pretty fun, eh?


Ever wanted to order your pizza by the pizza emoji? Dominos made it a reality. The Dominos AnyWare campaign lets users order their favorite pizza through their favorite devices. The order time was reduced to seconds as consumers would only have to tweet or send via text messaging the pizza emoji and their order would be placed. Prior to that users will have to set up their Dominos profile and enter the relevant information. Smart!

Source: Dominos Anyware


The infamous humorous marketing for this film has brought everyone to an edge, and it would have been unfair to not include this ridiculously creative campaign in the list. As most of you might already be familiar with this billboard which says – skull, poop, L – pretty amusing way to spell Deadpool. Indeed.

Source: Adweek

Burger King

Who loves the Burger King chicken fries? And were you among the many voices who demanded their return? In that case, you must be familiar with the branded keyboard the Company released – the collection of emojis and GIFs boasting the return of chicken fries. Leveraging millennial language medium to generate awareness – commendable!

Source: The Shorty Awards


Wish to express your opinion without offending? Um, that is quite difficult, right? But, with the Ikea emoticons app, you’re comfortable. The campaign was launched to enable smooth communication at home, more because household conflicts are quite a concern. A pretty fun way to engage consumers, isn’t it?

Source: Adweek

Mc Donald’s

Mc Donald’s has cleverly used emojis to depict a story that starts somewhat unpleasant but brings a smile with a hamburger or a pack of fries. The ads invoke positive thoughts towards the brand while being simple and playing cool.

Source: Ads of the World


Educating the mass using simple and relatable tools and generating awareness about an important issue, WWF rolled out custom-made emojis of endangered animals and encouraged users to contribute every time they used any emoji. The smart action got them to the canvas of brilliant marketing and it’s a moment to be proud of!

Are emojis your language? Then you must’ve loved these campaigns. More brands are coming up with innovative use of emojis and GIFs to connect with consumers. What’s your favorite one and do let us know the ones we’ve missed (maybe we can add them on).