McDonald’s New Global Campaign Is A Legendary Journey Through Pop Culture

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McDonald’s has unveiled a new global campaign that brilliantly blends its iconic presence with the world of pop culture. Titled, ‘As Featured In’, the fast-food giant’s latest campaign is a grand celebration of McDonald’s cameos and references in beloved films, series, and songs. Releasing in over 100 markets globally, the campaign underscores the notion that everyone, even fictional characters, has their own ‘McDonald’s order.’

Blending Icons: McDonald’s and Pop Culture

Source: McDonalds

The campaign doesn’t merely pay homage to McDonald’s appearances on-screen, it gloriously weaves them into a brilliant marketing campaign. The accompanying campaign film opens with Richie Rich flaunting his personal McDonald’s branch, setting the stage for a nostalgic journey through decades of McDonald’s moments in cinema and TV. From the hilarity of ‘The Office’ to the glamour of ‘Clueless,’ from the nostalgic ‘Friends’ to the artistic intrigue of Wong Kar Wai’s ‘Fallen Angels,’ the campaign artfully showcases the global resonance of the Golden Arches.

Source: McDonalds

What was truly enticing was the anticipation that surrounded the ‘main event’—the commercial, affectionately dubbed ‘the movie.’ McDonald’s elevated the campaign’s rollout, mirroring the excitement of a blockbuster release: teasers, trailers, and movie posters all culminated in the grand unveiling on August 14th.

Going Beyond The Film

Source: McDonalds

But this isn’t just about the film, the campaign includes a new meal order along with limited-edition packaging during the campaign’s run. The ‘As Featured In’ meal lineup includes classics like 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, the Quarter Pounder With Cheese, and the legendary Big Mac, all with a dash of pop culture flair. To sweeten the deal, there’s even a tantalising Loki-themed sweet and sour sauce, which holds glimpses of the forthcoming Disney+ series.

The limited-edition packaging boasts QR codes that lead curious fans to interactive content. With scenes from movies and shows where McDonald’s orders played pivotal roles, the audience can revel in these memorable snippets. Moreover, McDonalds also collaborated with London streetwear brand Palace to take this campaign into the realm of wearable art.

Source: McDonalds

Whether you see this campaign as a celebration of McDonald’s indomitable presence in entertainment or a shrewd form of product placement, one thing is certain: it’s a showcase of immense ambition. The genius lies in seamlessly integrating these cinematic and televisual moments into the very fabric of the McDonald’s brand, demonstrating its unwavering impact on our cultural cache.


As the campaign rolls out, it’s clear that McDonald’s has gone all-out to deliver a campaign that resonates with pop-culture aficionados. From Brooklyn’s Loki-inspired scene to a California restaurant’s Palace pop-up, the brand’s influence is transcending screens and becoming a tangible experience. With the ‘As Featured In’ campaign, McDonald’s isn’t just serving up meals; it’s serving up a dash of pop culture magic that’s bound to captivate fans worldwide.