Revisiting The Best Independence Day Ads

6 mins read

Independence Day is a time of reflection and celebration, a moment to honour the struggles and sacrifices that led to the birth of our beautiful nation. While songs play in our neighbourhoods and patriotic fervour fills the air, some brands used their advertising prowess to shine a light on important social issues and causes that resonate deeply with the spirit of India. Let us revisit some of the most impactful Independence Day ads that have left an indelible mark on our hearts and minds.

Ralco Tyres Free The Roads: Paving the Path to Inclusivity

In a truly bold campaign, Ralco Tyres’ Free The Roads Independence Day ad poignantly showcased the challenges faced by transgender individuals in India, from discrimination to denial of basic rights. By highlighting these struggles, Ralco Tyres shed light on the importance of inclusivity and equality of trans people. Ralco Tyres also partnered with the Humsafar Trust, an NGO in Mumbai promoting LGBTQ rights, for their TRANScend initiative, working towards empowering the transgender community by providing them employment opportunities all across India. The ad campaign sent a clear message that every Indian, regardless of their gender identity, has the right to live and work without prejudice, fostering a society where freedom truly belongs to all. 

United Colors of Benetton’s #UnitedByHope: Embracing Unity in Diversity

United Colors of Benetton took a unique and heartwarming approach to celebrating Independence Day with their #UnitedByHope campaign. Rather than following the conventional patriotic ad films, Benetton celebrated India’s diversity by showcasing various clothing and accessories from different states, religions, and communities. Through the innocent and heartfelt interactions of children with these elements, the campaign beautifully conveyed the message of unity in diversity. By highlighting hope as the thread that binds us all, Benetton’s campaign reminds us that our strength lies in embracing our differences and standing together as one nation.

Tata Tea Premium Desh Ka Kulhad: Sip of Culture, Sustenance for Artisans

Tata Tea Premium’s Desh Ka Kulhad campaign not only celebrated India’s rich cultural heritage but also uplifted its artisan community by pointing a light at their under appreciated work. By collaborating with Rare Planet, Tata Tea Premium showcased the intricate craftsmanship of Indian artisans through hand-painted Kulhads that represent various states’ cultural heritage. Tata Tea also donated the proceeds from the sales of these Kulhads to supporting the livelihoods of these talented artisans who keep our rich culture alive. The initiative served as a heartening reminder of the importance of preserving traditional art forms and supporting local artisans, embodying the true essence of Desh Ki Chai.

Parle-G You Are My Parle G: Saluting Unsung Heroes

Drawing from a true narrative by Ankit Singh, Parle-G presented a poignant 2-minute Independence Day short film that pays a heartfelt tribute to the unwavering dedication of India’s armed forces. The film masterfully captures the somber reality of the sacrifices our servicemen endure in their selfless commitment to safeguarding our nation. It artfully portrayed the heart-wrenching sacrifices, such as missing precious moments in a child’s growth or being absent during pivotal phases of a partner’s life – shedding light on the profound challenges faced by those in the armed forces. Crafted by Thought Blurd, the ad authentically captured a soldier’s emotional journey. The film ends with a powerful message, a tribute to India’s armed forces: “You Are My Parle G”, symbolising the strong bond between our nation and the armed forces.

Bajaj Avenger Ride Your Independence: Empowering Women’s Freedom

Bajaj Avenger’s #RideYourIndependence campaign brought to the forefront the idea that true freedom for women transcends societal norms. By portraying a confident woman riding her Bajaj Avenger cruiser bike and making independent choices, the campaign challenged traditional gender roles. The parallel drawn between women’s liberation and India’s freedom underlined the importance of empowering women to define their own lives. Bajaj Avenger’s campaign not only celebrated the spirit of freedom but also advocated for gender equality and empowerment. It asked us Indians to make our roads safer for our women and let them ride their independence!


These Independence Day ads serve as a powerful reminder that brands can play a significant role in shaping societal narratives and promoting positive change. From advocating for inclusivity and equality to celebrating diversity and empowerment, these campaigns resonated with the core values of the nation.