Experiential Marketing: 9 Most Creative Campaigns

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Work events can be boring, but brand events are a heck of a lot of fun. Experiential marketing is all about bringing brands to life and giving a real-world experience to consumers. The times may be low for such events to happen very soon, thanks to this global pandemic (silently cries at the back), but we can obviously toast to the iconic campaigns from the past?

Curated from among the fascinating campaigns of the day, here is a list of our personal favorites you need to check out!

Red Bull – “Stratos”

Known for making bold moves and the extreme sports coverage for as long as it existed, Red Bull shocked the world with the highest world record parachute jump. In 2012, the brand collaborated with the professional skydiver Felix Bombgartner and sent him to the stratosphere only to break the speed of sound and record an iconic stunt in the history of freefall. The stunt gave Red Bull extreme exposure with various media outlets covering the story. The video has garnered over 6 million views on YouTube (and counting!)

Source: YouTube

Lean Cuisine – Weigh This

In a society where women are more than encouraged to shred a few pounds than appreciate them for their achievements, Lean Cuisine breaks the taboo by weighing only what matters. In addition to an inspiring video and the #WeighThis moment on Twitter, the brand also collaborated with artist Annica Lydenberg, who painted the inspiring responses on about 250 scales, which were put up for exhibition in the Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall and invited women to “weigh-in” how they would prefer others to weigh them.

Source: YouTube

Refinery 29 – 29 Rooms

The lifestyle brand curated an amazing world which they claimed to be the “funhouse of style, culture, and creativity” debuting in 2015. Each year brings an entirely new theme and rooms filled with enticing art, surprises, and comfort. The campaign is an initiative to encourage people to dive out of their comfort zone and confront the thought-provoking art curated in collaboration with major brands.

Source: YouTube

David Lloyd Clubs – Run for your Bun Cafe

Want free food? Okay not entirely free (maybe.) Just at the cost of 6-minutes High-Intensity interval training. Sounds good? David Llyod’s “Run for your Bun Cafe,” asks people to perform a line of exercises as payment for their meal. Customers have to place their order at the counter to which they receive the receipt enlisted with exercises they need to perform. The in-house trainers keep a watch and go on ticking off the exercises that are completed, and the winners get to choose from the great-tasting rewards that come after the sincere workout. This is an amazing pop-up experience to connect with consumers, drive exposure, and spread awareness about health and fitness (which seems to be their forte.)

Source: YouTube

Netflix – Luke’s Diner

In celebration of Gilmore Girls’ sixteenth anniversary, Netflix transformed around 207 locally-owned coffee shops spawning across North America to a setting that resembles Luke’s Diner (an obvious fictional visit when in Stars Hollow, eh?). Customers enjoyed the free coffee and the fascinating experience driven by the tangible connection to the series. The campaign was anticipation of Netflix streaming Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. The result was marvelous with Netflix bagging away the Best Buzz Marketing/Influencer Program at the 2017 Event Marketer Ex Awards.

Source: YouTube

3D Printed Oreos

Oreos and 3D printing? What a weird combination! It might not make sense to some but turned out pretty overwhelming. In the 2014 SXSW Festival, Mondelez International went overboard in marrying Oreos with 3d printing technology with Twitter giving hand to the campaign. The on-lookers could hyper-customize their choice of hashtags representing different flavors and designs that were trending at that exact moment.

Source: YouTube

Paramount Pictures – Terrifying Pranks for ‘Rings’

We’ve got something spooky here! It seems pretty hilarious while you are at the other side of the screen, right? But, the innocent customers who were unsuspecting of the event must have had a pretty hard time. The stunt was played in an electronics store in New York by putting up a fake wall covered with TV sets, behind which sat the petrifying young girl from the film. The campaign took social media by storm raking in over 3 million views within 48 hours of it going live.

Source: YouTube

Disney – Magical Bus Shelter Experience

Disney Junior did something magical for the little kids waiting to commute to their destination at the bus shelters. By marrying Augmented Reality to a bus shelter billboard in a busy street of Singapore the brand gave bystanders the experience of snapping pictures with Mickey Mouse, hear the loud roar of Lion Guard, and watch mermaids swan across the streets. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the creative technology – until the actual Mickey Mouse made its appearance.

Source: YouTube

Budweiser – Beer Garage

Budweiser breaks through the common opinion of “not very high-tech” by leveraging immersive virtual reality technology as a part of its experiential campaign in SXSW 2016. The Budweiser Beer Garage gives a splendid experience to its attendees with a taste of technology and beer. The main spot of attraction was the 4D immersive reality experience which took the attendees on a virtual tour of the Budweiser Brewery tour in St. Louis driven by the scent, sound, and wind effects adding to the real-world experience. The remaining space represented the occasions in consumer lives – just added more spice to the fun.

Source: YouTube

So, how did it go? Did you like them? Tempting enough to bring them back? Let us know which one you liked the most and if you want us to explore some more.