Lessons To Learn From Swiggy’s Social Media Strategy

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Craving for Chhole Bhature and Gulab Jamun? Or Cheesy Margarita? Or maybe a full course Marathi Thali? And too lazy to dine out? Just Swiggy it! Let’s be honest. Can you keep yourself from the crispy reminders, delicious emails, and the flavorsome social media pages of Swiggy? Pat your back if you can – you’ve got an amazing talent there (which we obviously lack, haha)! So, let’s devour their social media platforms and explore their strategy.

But first…. (Cut to – stomach grumbling noises), a cheeseburger and cola may suffice.

The Origins

While our order is yet to reach the door, let’s meet the founders of Swiggy – Sriharsha Majety, Nandan Reddy, and Rahul Jamini. While Swiggy was the second start-up for Majety and Reddy (the first being Bundl), the Company soared against all odds and became one of the highest-grossing platforms. The business grew by 85% with a 115% jump in revenue in FY20 from the previous year. All thanks to the dedication and ‘Never say never’ attitude of the founders, the partners, and of course us – the consumers.

Social Media – The Plate full of Happiness

Alright, just grabbed the order. It’s time to gobble the burger and the social.

Feed – Food

Tempting, mouth-watering, delectable! And aesthetic. Yes. They have taken time to craftily design their Instagram feed with lots and lots of food in alluring backgrounds.

Source: @Swiggy on Instagram

Source: @Swiggy on Instagram

Memeing with memes

Memes are the language of Millennials and GenZ, and every other day new memes come into play. Naturally, brands are playing smart by tapping into popular memes to communicate with their target audience. And Swiggy is no exception.

Source: @Swiggy on Instagram

Source: @Swiggy on Instagram

Hashtag Topicals

Have a look at their Twitter page, and you’ll be amazed to see the conversations. From cricket scores to political upheaval, to the Friends Reunion – you’ll find everything to talk about.

Funning with events, quiz and more

They often come up with exciting quizzes and events to engage their fans. You’ll get quite a lot of surprises, fun and free food.
Communication becomes fun With humorous graphics and captions – everything revolving around food, communication is easy and fun.

Creative Campaigns

The Swiggy team has aced the game of creative campaigns. Every campaign has a message to deliver in the most heartwarming and subtle tone.

What’s In A Name

Until this campaign hit the market, the idea that we could call the Swiggy delivery partners by their individual names did not really strike our minds. And thus, this ad campaign came about urging a million citizens of India to acknowledge the unique identity of delivery partners.

Voice of Hunger

This was a gamechanger for the brand’s social position. Users were challenged to create sound waveforms of different food items through Instagram’s voice note feature. With over 10,000+ voice notes sliding into the brand’s DMs, the campaign garnered 16 million social impressions.

Being short and sweet on YouTube

Swiggy’s YouTube channel has got quite some tempting short videos that encourage viewers to use Swiggy, imparts knowledge about people’s favorite foods, and promoting their delivery services.

Amidst the cut-neck competition, Swiggy has a steer-through strategy that makes them stand out from their competitors and captivate the hearts and stomachs of million of citizens. Breathing food while keeping it simple and fun is the go-to of the Company and this sets an example for the various brands that want to amplify their presence on social