Every Big Announcement from Apple’s 2021 WWDC Keynote

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Apple Worldwide Developers Conference(WWDC) has started and we are excited to witness the new reveals and opportunities across the operating systems of the company. The annual event is being held virtually for the second year in a row, scheduled from June 7 to June 11. CEO Tim Cook addressed the WWDC Event on Monday, June 7 revealing exciting software updates.

In the hour when physical gatherings are not encouraged, Apple wants its users to share moments digitally.

SharePlay with FaceTime

With SharePlay, users can watch TV shows and movies, listen to music, and even share their screens while having FaceTime conversations. Synced playbacks, music controls, and easy-to-use controls will let the whole group share moments of fun and react at the same time. With Grid View and Spatial Audio, it will become easier to converse with a large group and individual voices will sound like they are coming from the direction in which the individual is positioned. Voice Isolation will minimize background noises putting one’s voice front and center. Android and Windows users can now join FaceTime calls with a unique web link that is still end-to-end encrypted ensuring calls private and secure.

Messages, Photos and Memoji

Every content shared in messages will be featured in the Shared with You section of the corresponding app and users can directly reply from the app without going back to messages. Users can express themselves with exciting outfits for memoji and accessible customizations. Users can swipe through the myriad collections of photos that appear as a collage or an elegant stack of images.

Explore better with Maps while search becomes convenient with Safari

Maps now offer new features for users to explore cities providing incredible road details, traffic conditions, and recent incidents. Step-by-step directions can be easily viewed through augmented reality. Nearby stations and transit times are shown by public transit integration.

The most trusted search engine has new features that will not leave the users disappointed. The reimagined tab bar, tab groups, and extensions are designed to provide maximum convenience to the users. The tab bar is easily reachable at the bottom maximizing the screen space. Tab groups sync across devices enabling access to tabs from anywhere. Just like Mac, users can install and manage extensions on iPhone.

Source: India TV News

Wallet becomes smarter in iPhone

Users can upload their Identity documents like driver’s license, etc. on the wallet that can be used while traveling and at retailers’. The iPhone can also be used as a key to unlock their house, garage, hotel rooms, etc.

Discover beyond photos

Secure on-device intelligence like live text helps find more information from photos and beyond. Live Text works in phots as well as camera, unlocking rich text information one can use to make calls, send an email or look up directions. Live Text also helps in translating texts into seven different languages. Visual Look Up can help users learn about art, pets, books, and nature by just tapping a photo on the device or the web.

Health updates

Apple’s Health App will notify users if there is any likelihood to fall in the future. Users can now understand changes in their health and share their data with friends, family, and experts. The trends feature will show whether one is more or less active.

Privacy – the most important

Introducing innovative features at the expense of user privacy has never been the norm of the Company. The updated software is transparent with the users on how apps access user data, which third-party domains they contact, and how recently they made contact – all of which is shown by the App Privacy Report.

iCloud+ Subscription

The Company provides a seamless experience with iCloud+, whereby users can get everything they love about iCloud along with new features like iCloud Private Relay, Hide My Email, and expanded HomeKit Secure Video Support.

Source: Republic World

Multitasking taken to next level with iPadOS 15

The new multitasking menu lets users create a full screen, choose an app, split view, center window, slide over, switch between apps, and get access to keyboard shortcuts. The Shelves feature will show the open windows within an app.

Widgets, App Library and Quick Note

In iPad, the new set of widgets can be placed among the apps and comes in new larger sizes. The App Library automatically organizes the apps and enables quick access. The device known best for taking notes has leveled up to introduce Quick Note – one that can be used over an app or the screen, with a keyboard shortcut, control center, or a swipe up from the corner. Handwritings, links, tags, mentions – anything can be jotted down on the feature. What’s more – a Quick Note on iPad will also be reflected on Mac and iPhone.

Swift Playgrounds in iPad

Users can now learn code, build real apps with SwiftUI, submit their work to the App Store and see their ideas come to life.

They can also connect a single keyboard and mouse to work on iPad and Mac at the same time.

AirPods – will not get lost anymore

The Find My app can help find AirPods when the users are not near them through the Bluetooth beacon sent out by the AirPods. In the case of AirPods Pro the Find My app will pinpoint their exact location – much similar to the AirTags.

Source: Mac World UK

Airplay comes to Mac with MacOS Monterey

Content from other Apple devices can be shared on Mac’s big screen, and users can listen to music or podcasts in high-fidelity sound from another device – all thanks to Mac which works as an Airplay speaker.

Source: Business Standard

A leap forward with watchOS 8

The WatchOS 8 helps users to stay connected, active, and healthy. The enhanced Photos app brings out photo highlights from memories, and shares their favorite memories via messages and mail, put photos of friends and family with a dynamic multi-layered effect. The smartwatch can also make automatic suggestions for others nearby, lets users access all security cameras, knows which activity the user is more likely to do, and displays the current status of all devices.

The watch also serves as a key to the user’s home or car and serves as a place to hold credit cards, debit cards, and more. It also enables users to compose messages using dictation and correct and edit errors in the dictation. To maintain good health and a positive vibe, the watch brings out new features along with the popular breath app – reimagined and expanded to Mindfulness.

And many more. The Company has made the beta available for the developers and the public can test the software in July. The final version will be available to everyone this fall.

The Industry giant is keen to bring change with technology and innovation. Apple’s ecosystem ties people to its sprawling software and sleek hardware and that’s not just the end. As the Company invests more in consumer experience, users just cannot dig out of that ecosystem.

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