Best Teacher’s Day Advertisements by Brands

Best Teacher’s Day Advertisements by Brands

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Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 5th September every year in India to mark the birth anniversary of Sarvapelli Radhakrishnan, a professor and politician who served as India’s first Vice President and second President.

Though the respect accorded to a teacher shouldn’t be limited within one day, a Teacher’s Day should be celebrated to amplify the significance of teachers in our lives that has lost its honour due to their common and simplistic getup.

Here are the sweetest ads that brands made to honour the teachers in our lives:


The pandemic that struck last year affected the part of the population whose jobs heavily relied on physical presence. This included schools, restaurants/cafes/baristas, construction sites, delivery services etc.

Naturally, since it is Teacher’s Day and ClassPlus’s demographic are teachers, the ad was focused on the shift in their jobs. Switching from an all-offline mode to an all-online mode was tough. The difficulties did not end with the change in the mode of communication. Teachers had to deal with all new challenges of delivering a similar classroom environment, dealing with the mischievousness of students online with their limited technological experience, all while learning the new landscape of the internet. Keeping up with everything and managing the personal duties of the household must have been challenging. ClassPlus thanks teachers for their continuous efforts despite the challenges

Bandhan Bank

The childhood protection one was once offered; weakens as one approaches closer to the adult world. At times, one might long for the sentimental value and love that was once provided by one’s parents and teachers. Despite the longings, busy lives repeatedly seek to drive us away from the path of finding the love we left behind.

A son is holding a conversation with his mother who was once a teacher. He finds it hard to believe that she remembers all her students that she once taught. To challenge her, he asks her about her ’99 batch. As she is proudly delivering their accomplishments, her son interrupts her and asks her if she thinks they remember her as much. Melancholy, she defends her students claiming they have their own busy lives to care about for the most part. Suddenly, she is met with a surprise. It turns out that her students had reached out to her through her son as they wished to re-live their long-lost connections again.


This advertisement needs no introduction of its own since it introduces its correlation and benefits of education by its introductory note.

As an old saying goes: ‘A precious lesson taught by a good teacher is remembered throughout lifetime’. An elderly teacher replays this saying every day in his mind; as he tries his best to fulfil his duties as a teacher. He believes his failure lies in the fact of not being able to educate everyone, especially this one particular child in his class who seems disinterested in the knowledge he has to impart. He watches as the kid passes him as he is encountering his transactional difficulties without offering him any help.

One day, as he is standing in line for the ATM, the same kid approaches him and offers to teach him about cashless transactions. The kid even helps him with one such transaction and asks him if he would remember this process. To this, the teacher replies him with the age-old saying he was narrating to the viewers at the start.

Mankind Pharmacy

A teacher is someone who teaches. Hence, the role may not be limited to a teacher who teaches in a professional environment. It could apply to people who we cross our paths in our daily life and teach us something valuable

For Teacher’s Day, an older man arranges flowers for his teachers. A conflicted conclusion from the initial assumption; the man leaves flowers at the doorstep of every workplace where his teachers; who aren’t teachers by their profession. His thank-you notes comprise of messages and lessons he had learnt from all his teachers. A doctor had taught him that God always lives amongst us. He had learnt about selflessness from a pharmacist. A policeman had taught him about sacrifice. A street cleaner by profession had taught him that no work was less dignified than any other existing job.

As the sun rises, the old man makes his way back to his house. He is stopped by his students; the ones he teaches in school. They wish him a ‘ Happy Teacher’s Day ‘.


We as children or even students are unaware of our teachers’ lives and their daily routines.  It is often hard to imagine a concept of a regular human being behind the persona of a teacher. Their routines, hardships and stories are pushed aside as soon as the class starts and the focus is immediately shifted towards the subject of interest.

Unacademy; perhaps to shed light on the quality of their teachers and the teaching experiences they have to offer and to pay homage to teachers; made this particular ad.

A young teacher arrives home late at night, much to the dismay of her mother. The teacher explains that her reason for her late arrival was due to the investment of her time in the library for research. As she sets her things down and picks up a book, her mother raises her disappointment and worry. The mother is nudged out of the room and advised to sleep. Worried about her daughter’s well-being, she instead fetches her dinner to her room and realises why she was pushed out. Touched by her daughter’s efforts and determination, she sets down the plate of food and wishes her daughter a “Happy Teacher’s Day” and leaves her room.