Unacademy drops an important lesson during IPL

Unacademy drops an important lesson during IPL

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Unacademy has been dropping lessons that incite feelings of ambition and encouragement for students every IPL season. Because of the nature of its timing, the ad is usually a collection of snippets from IPL matches.

Unacademy has been a sponsor for IPL for some time now. Thus, the recurring theme of IPL seasoned in the ads meant for students isn’t a new occurrence.

One of the ads in its kind was released last year during IPL which cleverly related subject lessons to distinctive moments of IPL

Cracking the Game

A keen eye would be able to catch on the effectiveness of gravitational force, momentum and acceleration, theory of collision and Newton’s laws of motion. Other lessons of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography was are a stretch from the acts highlighted in the advertisement. The entire ad seemed to be a revision for students watching IPL. Maybe, it was intended to serve as a reminder to students to study or revise.

However, this time, students were expected to draw the lessons from the matches themselves. The main takeaway from all of this being: “Mistakes are the greatest teacher”

Mistakes – The Greatest Teacher

An icon in the history of Indian cricket; Sachin Tendulkar, asks students what they have learnt from this IPL season. A remixed version of Capone’s song “Oh no” proceeds to play once the student finishes explaining about the lesson she has learnt from this season. Ping-ponging between the IPL matches and students ensue; wherein the mistakes of players between the matches are edited into the routine lives of students. The cricket ball keeps figuratively getting passed on between them. This is as if to say, that we and they aren’t any different from each other and that mistakes are a part of everyone’s lives; even the greatest people we have ever known.

The message Unacademy was trying to promote is made obvious in its edited song. For those, who still missed it; it is repeated once again in the end card.

The Greatest Lesson

To draw inspiration and lessons from professional players’ mistakes has been done by Unacademy; even before this newest promotional gig. Before this ad, perhaps as a part of planned release Unacademy came out with another ad in the last IPL season. In March, titled “The Greatest Lesson”, a short film highlighting the mistakes and misses in Sachin Tendulkar’s career.

The ad cuts mid-way to inspire students that failure need not mean the end and that it can be used as a fuel for success. The ad then also cuts to show his success and the highlights in his career as a cricketer.

Greatness and success are not independent of failure.