Unveiling the Unseen: Volkswagen’s Innovative Campaign Tackles Road Safety 

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Revolutionising road safety, Volkswagen, in honour of Motorcycle Awareness Month, is driving change in South Africa, a nation plagued by high accident rates and fatalities. With their trailblazing campaign, Volkswagen aims to shine a light on road safety concerns and showcase their remarkable Blind Spot Monitoring feature. Leveraging innovative paint technology, this campaign not only exposes the dangers of blind spots but also underscores Volkswagen’s commitment to safer roads for all.

Unseen Dangers on South African Roads

South Africa grapples with a sobering reality—road fatalities account for a significant number of unnatural deaths. Shockingly, over 14,000 lives are lost each year, with an average of 40 people per day falling victim to tragic accidents. The culprits? Often objects hidden within drivers’ blind spots, including overtaking vehicles, delivery drivers, motorcycles, and cyclists.

Blind Spot Monitoring: A Visionary Solution

Source: Volkswagen SA

Volkswagen’s IQ.DRIVE Blind Spot Monitoring system represents a huge leap in driver safety. By harnessing cutting-edge radar technology, this system scans the vehicle’s surroundings and alerts drivers to potential hazards through intuitive lighting displays on the side mirrors. Volkswagen’s mission is to combat blind spot-related accidents head-on, ultimately reducing the depressing toll of road fatalities.

Volkswagen’s Ingenious Approach

To capture attention and showcase the prowess of IQ.DRIVE Blind Spot Monitoring, Volkswagen has devised a captivating campaign. Employing the enigmatic ‘Black 3.0’ paint, a paint that absorbs 99% of the light that falls on it, the company has brought to life a series of seemingly invisible installations. These life-sized works of art, strategically placed in Volkswagen dealerships and public spaces, feature objects commonly concealed within blind spots.

Source: Volkswagen SA

With the aid of augmented reality (AR), Volkswagen also unleashes the unseen before your eyes. Simply activate Volkswagen’s AR filter on your smartphone, and the installations come alive, exposing the hidden objects. This awe-inspiring approach heightens awareness of blind spot dangers and effectively illustrates the immense benefits of Volkswagen’s Blind Spot Monitoring system and other IQ.DRIVE features.

Volkswagen’s commitment to safer roads cannot be understated. Bridget Harpur, Head of Marketing for Volkswagen Passenger Cars Brand, asserts that the brand’s vision extends beyond its drivers’ safety. They seek to champion safer journeys for all road users, regardless of their chosen mode of transport. The ‘Blind Spot’ campaign marks just the beginning of Volkswagen’s safety initiatives, as they endeavour to reshape the road safety landscape in South Africa.

“As leaders in the automotive industry, we cannot simply ignore the dangers on our roads in this country. With safety as one of our core DNA principles, we are committed to ensuring not only safer roads for our drivers but for all — no matter their mode of transport,” says Bridget Harpur, head of marketing for Volkswagen Passenger Cars Brand.

“Our ‘Blind Spot’ campaign is designed to highlight some of the innovative features of our new IQ.DRIVE system that seeks to make safe driving intuitive and create awareness for road safety issues, for all, on their respective journeys,” concludes Harpur.


Through the inventive fusion of paint technology, Volkswagen amplifies the risks associated with blind spots while highlighting its own advanced safety features. By engaging in conversations about road safety, Volkswagen paves the way for a safer and more aware driving culture in South Africa.