Glenlivet Whisky Uses AI to Craft Unconventional Father’s Day Campaign

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Glenlivet Whisky has taken a bold step in its latest Father’s Day campaign by employing artificial intelligence (AI) to write the campaign’s script. The whisky brand aimed to explore the evolving dynamics of father-child relationships and challenge traditional stereotypes. By utilising AI technology, Glenlivet aimed to create thought-provoking and multi-layered content that would resonate with audiences in a unique way.

AI-generated Script: Breaking Stereotypes and Challenging Norms

The campaign’s AI-generated script drew inspiration from the historical image of fathers as distant and stoic figures more concerned with work than their relationship with their children. However, the project aimed to challenge this stereotype and shed light on the changing landscape of masculinity. By injecting unexpected twists and informed commentary, Glenlivet sought to portray fathers in a more nuanced light and prompt discussions about the evolving nature of fatherhood.

To bring the AI-generated scripts to life, Glenlivet enlisted the help of “real people” who would provide an interesting counterpoint to the traditional image of the “Dad.” The casting process involved careful selection to find individuals who could offer honest and insightful responses while driving the conversation forward. Director Trevor Gourley played a pivotal role in putting the cast at ease, allowing them to deliver genuine reactions and adding depth to the final piece.

From Comedy to Emotional Depth

Source: Glenlivet

At the project’s outset, both Director Gourley and his team anticipated a comedy-centered approach, intending to highlight the shortcomings of AI technology in an amusing manner. However, as the project progressed, the campaign evolved into something far more profound, incorporating multiple emotional notes. The finished film not only showcased the humorous aspects of the AI-generated scripts but also explored moments of warmth, honesty, vulnerability, and reflection. This unexpected emotional depth underscored the power of working with real people, ultimately exceeding initial expectations.

Critiquing AI with a Touch of Humor

Gourley’s decision to embrace the humorous aspect of the AI-generated scripts was a deliberate choice. Recognizing that AI technology continues to advance rapidly, he believes it is important to enjoy the present moment and poke fun at AI while we still can. By satirising AI, Glenlivet’s campaign acknowledges the potential consequences of unchecked technological progress and reminds us to approach AI development with caution.


Glenlivet Whisky’s Father’s Day campaign stands as a testament to the power of AI, but also showcases its limitations. The combination of humour, reflection, and emotional depth highlights the evolving nature of fatherhood and encourages audiences to contemplate the changing dynamics of relationships in today’s world. Glenlivet’s campaign serves as a reminder that while AI continues to advance, it is essential to approach its development with mindfulness and embrace the human element in the creative process.