McDonalds TableToGo: A Revolution in Design-Savvy Dining

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The Milan Design Week, renowned for its creative brilliance and cutting-edge design showcases, has always attracted millions of visitors to the city each year. However, as the event has grown in popularity, finding a comfortable and convenient dining solution between events became increasingly challenging.

In response to this problem, McDonald’s, in-collaboration with Leo Burnett Italia, introduced an innovative and design-savvy dining solution called TableToGo. This limited edition, fully recyclable package transforms people’s dining experience, bringing ease and convenience to their McDonalds meals, and providing visitors with the comfort they desire.

McDonalds SolvesProblems with Design:

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Neta Ben-Tovim, Creative Director and Head of Design for Leo Burnett Italia, believes that design is at its best when it simplifies and improves people’s lives. With this ambition in mind, the team designed and developed TableToGo, aiming to create a simple and aesthetic solution that is equal parts cool and charming. The package affixes to the city’s bollards and cleverly transforms into a table for two, offering a stylish and functional dining experience.

Seamless Mobile Ordering:

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To ensure a seamless experience, TableToGo uses a mobile ordering system that is as convenient as it is efficient. McDonalds placed QR codes on various city bollards that take people directly to the McDonald’s app. Each code is equipped with its own bollard number, allowing users to place their orders and have them processed and delivered, just like to ordering at a traditional restaurant. This integration of technology and design enhanced the overall dining experience for visitors.

McDonalds Creates Feel-Good Moments:

Raffaele Daloiso, Chief Marketing Officer McDonald’s Italy says, “McDonald’s doors have always been open to everyone”. He adds, “Being able to amplify our hospitality within an international event of this magnitude is a great satisfaction for us. The idea of creating a special edition thanks to an innovation in our packaging, dedicated to those who love design, and making the event even more pleasant and convivial is part of our vision: to be present in new contexts where people want being together, by offering them one more reason to share their moments.”

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Expanding the Scope:

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TableToGo is not just limited to Milan Design Week. It serves as a stepping stone for McDonald’s and Leo Burnett Italia to bring this design-forward dining solution to any large-scale outdoor event. With its versatility and convenience, TableToGo has the potential to revolutionize dining experiences at various gatherings and occasions, making it an ideal solution for those seeking comfort and style.

TableToGo has brought a fresh perspective to the dining landscape of Milan Design Week. With its combination of functionality and design, this innovative solution from McDonald’s and Leo Burnett Italia has successfully addressed the challenges faced by event attendees. By offering an open-air McDonald’s experience, TableToGo creates feel-good moments, fosters convenience, and enhances the overall enjoyment of visitors. As McDonald’s commitment to providing memorable experiences continues, TableToGo stands as a testament to the power of brilliant creative and design solutions in solving real human problems.