Orange’s New FIFA Ad Breaks The Shackles Of Women’s Football

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In the fast-paced world of advertising, where creativity often competes with commercialism, certain campaigns rise above the rest, not just for their visual appeal, but for their profound social impact. The recent ad campaign by Orange France, brought to life by creative agency Marcel is such a case. This campaign doesn’t merely aim to promote a message; it aspires to shatter stereotypes, question biases, and change perceptions. Let’s delve into the brilliance of this thought-provoking ad that has hit the bullseye.

The Initial Deception

Titled “Only Les Bleus Can Give Us These Emotions,” the ad kicks off with a dazzling montage of football prowess, displaying jaw-dropping goals and incredible skills that appear to be the work of France’s celebrated male football stars. The stage is set, and the audience is drawn into a familiar spectacle of awe-inspiring athleticism. As the film unfolds, we see remarkable feats of French players, including players like Mbappe, Greizmann, and Coman, and the viewer is left with no choice but to be captivated.

However, what makes this campaign truly ingenious is the unexpected twist that follows. The ad reveals that it has ingeniously used advanced VFX and AI deepfake technology to superimpose the faces of these iconic male players onto the bodies of the French women’s football team. The impact is immediate and undeniable. The ad challenges our assumptions and exposes the bias people carry in them. The ad just has a singular message: talent knows no gender boundaries.

Unmasking the Unconscious Bias

Source: Orange

Orange’s campaign transcends mere marketing strategy; it delves into the heart of a deeply rooted issue in the world of football – gender bias. By showcasing the incredible skills of female players while subtly making them appear male, the ad confronts the viewer with the stark reality of their unconscious prejudices. It takes a powerful stand against the prevailing narrative that women’s football is somehow lesser than the men’s game.

What sets the ad apart is its remarkable ability to engage, surprise, and initiate a thought-provoking dialogue. It serves as an awakening, a moment of self-awareness for the audience. The emotional rollercoaster ride of awe and realisation is a stroke of genius that can only be orchestrated with a deep understanding of human psychology and societal dynamics.

Empowering Change Through Awareness

Source: Orange

The timing of this campaign couldn’t be more fitting. With the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup on the horizon, Orange France’s collaboration with the French Football Federation (FFF) is a timely partnership that highlights the significance of equality and respect in sports. The campaign is a resounding call to action, urging viewers to challenge their preconceived notions and embrace a more inclusive perspective.

In a world where social media often perpetuates misinformation and reinforces stubbornness, this ad campaign stands out as a beacon of change. It goes beyond promoting a message; it promotes a shift in mindset. By forcing individuals to acknowledge their biases and confront gender-based prejudices, the campaign effectively contributes to a broader social change.


Source: Orange

In conclusion, Orange France’s ad campaign is nothing short of brilliance. Its ability to seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with a powerful social message is a testament to the potential of advertising to shape perceptions and challenge societal norms. This campaign doesn’t just score a goal; it elevates the game, inspiring us to celebrate talent, irrespective of gender, and recognise that the beauty of football knows no bounds.