Unlocking New Advertising Opportunities at the $2.3B MSG Sphere in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is known for its extravagant entertainment venues, and the newest addition to the city’s skyline, the MSG Sphere, promises to be a game-changer for advertisers. The MSG Sphere, situated at The Venetian Resort, is a one-of-a-kind entertainment venue, resembling a massive sphere on its exterior, and it comes with a plethora of advertising opportunities.

The project, costing an estimated $2.3 billion, is adorned with approximately 1.2 million LED lights, forming a unique canvas for marketers to showcase their brands. Here are the various advertising possibilities that the MSG Sphere unlocks.

Dynamic and Interactive Advertising:

Source: Instagram/spherevegas

The most striking feature of the MSG Sphere is its 1.2 million LED lights, shaped like hockey pucks and placed eight inches apart, capable of displaying 256 million colours each. This LED surface creates a stunning and dynamic advertising space both inside and outside the venue. Brands have the chance to create visually captivating ads that stand out from traditional static billboards. For instance, the NBA used the Sphere to promote its NBA Summer League by transforming the structure into a giant basketball, catching the eye of everyone who encountered it. The Sphere’s novelty and technological capabilities allow brands to create interactive and immersive experiences, making advertising campaigns more memorable and engaging 

Versatility and Scale:

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With 580,000 square feet of space, the MSG Sphere offers ample room for marketers to get creative and tailor their advertisements to suit their brand image. Brands can explore various possibilities, such as hosting live interactions on the surface of the Sphere, projecting larger-than-life visuals, or even curating 360-degree ad experiences for the audience. The Sphere’s scale allows for a wide range of advertising formats, enabling brands to tell their stories in unprecedented ways. Additionally, the Sphere’s visibility from various locations around Las Vegas and even from the air ensures that the advertising impact is far-reaching and effective. 

Social Media Amplification:

Source: Instagram/spherevegas

MSG Sphere’s marketing strategy on social media platforms, particularly Instagram and TikTok, contributes to the amplification of ad campaigns. With over 162k followers on Instagram and 290k followers on TikTok, the Sphere showcases its capabilities through eye-catching and immersive videos. The visually engaging content shared on these platforms creates excitement and curiosity among users, making them eager to witness the spectacle in person. This social media presence ensures that ads displayed on the Sphere gain additional exposure through user-generated content, extending the advertising impact beyond the venue’s physical presence. The eye-catching design of the MSG Sphere not only grabs the attention of onlookers in person but also has a powerful effect on social media platforms, enabling virality and widespread brand exposure. This unique characteristic of the Sphere’s design plays a pivotal role in enhancing its advertising potential and reaching a global audience through social media. 


The MSG Sphere presents a groundbreaking advertising opportunity that combines technology, scale, and interactivity to deliver unforgettable brand experiences. Marketers have a unique canvas at their disposal, offering them the chance to break through the clutter and engage with their target audience like never before. With its strategic location in Las Vegas and a social media presence that fuels organic content sharing, the MSG Sphere unlocks a new frontier in advertising.