Preferred Over Mc Donald’s: Wendy’s bold claim in the new advertisement

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Wendy’s Twitter is popularly known for its roasts and its anthropomorphised sassy personality.



Wendy’s hasn’t hesitated to take shots on Mc Donald’s before. Though, this time they have a video advertisement where they have specifically mentioned Mc Donald’s in their commercial.

Wendy’s released the new advertisement for their fries on October 18th 2021.

An open challenge

This might be a coincidence but the first half of the video has a dark-depressing even spooky vibe to it owing to October; primarily devoted to Halloween in the US.

On a depressing afternoon, on a rainy gloomy, windy day; a restaurant stands deserted. The drive-through is also deserted. The monotone voice of the employee of the restaurant asks the customer “You want fries with that?” It is habitual practice for all workers working in a fast-food restaurant: offering fries on the side of meal order. A pouch of freshly fried fries goes frighteningly limp. Though this is not something explicitly shown, the fries are akin to the fries that are habitually and characteristically associated with Mickey D’s. Long, skinny and limp inside their pouch which has been coloured here in alternative strips of grey and white. Perhaps the fries were a symbolic representation of a lunatic in a mental asylum. Of course, no one would want fries with that; or so Wendy’s claims.

Wendy’s categorically differentiates their fries with a background of funky pop music, brightly colour-pop visuals and an animated narrator’s voice. Wendy’s tries to put out the message that their fries are indeed very good. So good, that they are one of a kind. They can hold their ground. This is where they say that “They are almost preferred almost 2 to 1 over Mc Donald’s”. Wendy’s has promised their customers; through this commercial; that their fries can be replaced if they don’t think it is good enough.