90s Ads

Revisiting Wholesome Ads of Yesteryear

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This is the one listicle that’ll bring together all millennials and boomers to share the same views and we all know how rare that is! Remember those beautiful ads that you grew up or old with that remind you of an India that was young and had just started out? When everything was still in the formative stage and was evolving at a snail speed, but evolving nonetheless. Who would have thought that the world would take such a deep dive into the world of digital advertising that TVC’s would almost become a thing of the past? 


Get ready for a wave of nostalgia to hit you like a train! Here are five ads that we found super wholesome:


  • Dhara – Jalebi Ad:


I bet everyone knows about this one! Parzaan was the cutest millennial kid to star and steal the show in this ad. Right when he’s angry and is about to leave his home for good, he realises that what makes home a place to be is the ‘jalebi’ that his mother makes using said oil. Yes, it is the cheesiness of it all that we love and add to that Parzaan’s cuteness, and that is a killer combo in itself. That’s precisely why it is Number 1 on our charts.


  • Fevicol – Pakde Rehna:



Fevicol has come up with the most entertaining and hilarious ads of all times. This is from an era when ‘engagement’ wasn’t the thing people were running after but Fevicol as a brand was acing that game. Nobody since, has been able to match up to those standards. This one in the series, again emphasizes on ‘Fevicol ka jod’ and has got a literal cliffhanger moment in it, only this time around instead of annoying us, it brings a smile to our faces.


  • Bajaj Auto – Humara Bajaj:



This was one of the first Pan-India Campaigns of its time and ever since then it’s managed to set an unparalleled benchmark for all such future campaigns. Not only is it diverse and represents the diversity of the country and the unity therein but it also ties with it a common, Indian middle-class sentiment. If all of this wasn’t enough already, there is the added sentiment of Bajaj being an automobile of Indian make which becomes an added reason for all that inherent pride. These guys were creating relatable content before it all boiled down to ‘meme-culture.’


  • Coca-Cola – Coca-Cola Ho Jaaye?:


This brand and all of its campaigns have always been iconic. From the branding, to the logo and ultimately the final product and enterprise, consistency has been key for them and their spirit has always been young. In this particular ad, the brand is showcasing the age of internet and blind dates, something that has boomed to such a degree that asking people out the conventional way, is not a thing anymore! Coca-Cola is an iconic brand and it is only logical that Aishwarya Rai and Amir Khan be cast in their ads.


  • Amul – The Taste of India:



Ultimately, last but not the least is the brand that genuinely unites India, as in the whole country can and does swear by its products. Another classic, pan-Indian campaign, only this time it’s been built entirely around food. Not only do the visuals appeal to almost all Indians but the lip-smacking dishes have added value now because they’ve been graced by dairy products from Amul. Apart from this, the Amul girl and the brand topicals oriented around her persona was the then definition of cool.