When Harry Met Santa: An unorthodox Christmas ad

When Harry Met Santa: An unorthodox Christmas ad

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Posten Norge is the name of the Norwegian postal service company which is owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communication. The ad, which is the subject of discussion; is made for the Christmas season of 2021. As the title might have hinted, it has been inspired by the famed American rom-com “When Harry met Sally”.

The narration of the ad

Less of a commercial and more of a movie in its way. It is a short story of a guy; one presumes to be Harry, and Santa Claus.

On one of the nights during Christmas, Harry discovers Santa in his living room. Santa not pleased at being discovered takes off; the firecracker being his signal for departure. Harry goes on to have a grand old time with his loved ones, but he secretly and sincerely wishes to spend more time with Santa. It is pretty evident as he covertly peeks at him from his bedroom that night. He didn’t want to scare him away like the last time.

His infatuation with Santa rises, owing to the Christmas ornament he makes out of yarn for him before he goes to the cathedral in the morning. Santa also seems to fancy him; as he takes notice of Harry and the efforts he has been putting in for him lately. He hands him a present before leaving, promising to return the following year.

Like Harry and Sally, they meet periodically. Meeting once a year only for Christmas. Santa promises that they will be meeting again on the same day next year; a fact that keeps weighing down on Harry until he can take it no longer. He writes a letter, addressing him in the North Pole; conveying his affection.

Santa equally devoted to his intimate friend; listens to his letter and takes time out from work for him.

The reception

Some Twitter users thought that this ad is exceptionally sweet. To them, Santa’s non-heterosexuality; as it is presumed to be, did not matter.

Some others thought this was inappropriate as Santa is cheating on his wife and was purposely being sexualised for the sake of the commercial.


Part of the crowd also thought that this was POsten Norge’s way of virtue-signalling. Pretending to be progressive makes companies look good and hence an over-representation of LGBTQ+ has achieved normality. This commercial seems like another one of those efforts.