Better left unsaid

Extra Gum’s solution for awkward holiday get-togethers

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The familiarity and comfort of nuclear families have made the concept of getting together with extended or joint families awkward. Everyone has their quirks which over time becomes more bearable; when the relatives are more immediate. Having a routine with work in our hands also makes it easy to navigate. Holidays, however, are a break from the routine and for a while, we might have to bear the insufferableness of unusual faces once more.

The ones handed the responsibility of making this ad probably understood that not everyone has the privilege of being surrounded by the best people and that conversations can get awkward and uncomfortable when 2 people aren’t on the same wavelength of thinking and understanding.

A diversion for such conversation is gently taking the conversation towards another, more common topic. A subject that is so known for its commonness that it would bind anyone together. The weather, food, drinks, appreciation for lasting cultural traditions etc,

Cleverly, Extra Gum has inserted itself into this familiarity of the awkwardness.

A gist of the ad

An interracial couple decides to have a big get-together this year; perhaps since Covid-19 seems to be dwindling. The two sit down with the man’s side of the family giving both sons gifts. While one is pleased with his gift this year, the other isn’t so much. He chews gum to avoid saying something nasty.

The older man on the woman’s side of the family; unknown whether he is an uncle or the divorced father; is talking to his younger descendants. By the upcoming moments to this one, it looks like he has said something unpleasant about her boyfriend who isn’t the same race as them. She, like her step-sibling; pops a gum to avoid offending him. Her boyfriend however is appalled by the number of dolls in her bedroom. Not trying to strike a wrong tone with her, he pops in a piece of gum to keep his mouth busy.

The woman discovers her son embarrassing himself in the bathroom and quickly intakes a gum and leaves without saying a word.

Everyone survives the family get-together.