Twitter stories make a perfect Christmas ad

Twitter stories make a perfect Christmas ad

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The Perfect Christmas Ad

  • The essence of the advertisement

Since the American microblogging website is themed around the colour blue; the animated ad is also made with the same colour palate. Most of the characters and background take on good variations and contrasts of the colour blue and its shades.

The Twitter ad opens like a Children’s story. Since it is a Christmas story and most people would associate Christmas with winter and by a co-relation, snow; it is a story about 2 snowflakes. This specification has to be made; as the current landscape of Twitter is very different from how it first started and thus shouldn’t be confused with the word ‘snowflake’ which gets thrown around a lot in heated debates.

The innocuous story about the two snowflakes; Jack and James; a coincidental reference to the previous CEO and found of Twitter, Jack Dorsey; continues. Since both of them fell out of the sky and dunked right into the sea; it seems like sea creatures didn’t appreciate that. The biggest sea creature there, an octopus; threw them towards the land where it had been snowing. Peculiarly, they bounced off the snow and reached the insides of a factory. Unfortunately, for them, they landed right on the manufacturing line of a snow spray factory. Jack and James realised that this would be the end of them and tried to run away, but got caught and encased inside a bottle.

  • A note

If the story on its own seems confusing and unnatural, it shouldn’t be surprising. This was written by a child who shared this story on Twitter when they came across it years later as an adult. Sharing the picture of the notebook, the person called it a John Lewis ad. Rightfully so, as John Lewis advertisements do seem to contain a touch of children’s stories within them. If this isn’t what is necessarily agreed with, then choosing to experience all of John Lewis advertisements in one sitting for once might make this case seem more solid.

While the credit for ‘The Perfect Christmas Ad’ has been given to DAVID Madrid of Spain; an advertising agency; true credit belongs to the Twitter user who wrote it. Without it, the animated ad wouldn’t had been obscure enough to classify as a children’s story and Twitter wouldn’t have been able to market its value in any way.