A revamp of ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’

A revamp of ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’

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Checkers Sixty60; the 60-minute grocery delivery service available in South Africa has brought a remake of the famous children’s Christmas song for this year of Christmas.

Dan Mace; the Cannes awarded director, who also happens to be quite young and famous in his line of work; has been partnered with, in the ad. Dan also happens to be a Youtuber who uploads videos related to film, directing and music on his channel. Originally from South Africa, he is also based in the United States.

An industrious endorsement

Dan rocks a cap promoting his creative agency JOE Films; to announce to the bikers that he is going to need some sounds from the vehicles to get started with a beat. Going by his idea, the knowledge about the modulation and pitch of the sounds was important before the music could be drafted.

In a video, that is well-captured and possibly might have taken a very long time to choreograph and synchronise in real-time; Dan directs the group of bikers; some of whom are equipped with some musical instruments, to an acapella which is sung out loud, all while also including the loud ululation of joy with it.

Amusingly but abruptly, the music stops because a hidden player dropped his drum. Perhaps, this was an attempt to incorporate them in, to level up the music to its full potential and a new remake of ‘Santa Claus is coming to town is complete.

Since this happens to be an endorsement for Checkers Sixty60, the role of advertising wouldn’t have been complete if there wasn’t some form of it within the ad. The bikers who were dressed up as Santa Claus weren’t merely doing so for the show. They were Checker Sixty60’s deliverymen who audibly call out that they would be continuing with the deliveries onwards in time, now that the aforementioned assemblance had fulfilled its purpose.