Star Sports celebrates the unparalleled rivalry between cricket fans 2

Star Sports celebrates the unparalleled rivalry between cricket fans

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Since the ICC T-20 World Cup is about to be held in 2021, Star Sports reminisces its long-running ad campaign “Mauka Mauka”. “Mauka Mauka” ads have been known to dig up the strife between Indian and Pakistani cricket fans. They have notably taken up different routes to broadcast the evergreen rivalry on the television screen.

These can be traced back to 2015. Star Sports launched 2 separate ads to hype its viewers for India vs Bangladesh and India vs Pakistan matches.

A Qawalli battle

In a promotional ad for India vs Bangladesh, surprisingly the jab is still aimed at Pakistani fans. A Pakistani fan walks in with a smug smile on his face, carrying his box of celebrations and shows it off to Indian fans. Sanjay Mishra, who was an advocate for Indian fans in the ad back then; entices him in a battle of qawwali. They enter a musical battle taunting each other while showing off the best qualities of their side. In the heat of the moment, Sanjay Mishra climbs the railing of the terrace; much to everyone’s panic; as both sides were separated by walls and space of a few meters; to make his point about the Mauka (Trans: Opportunity) this time.

A tale of sad memories

The India vs Pakistan ad is a collection of memories for the Pakistani fan when they have lost against India.

It starts when he is a young buck in 1992 and is watching cricket with his father. Excited about winning, he fetches his box of celebrations as soon as he hears the team is close to its win. Luck doesn’t favour his side and sorrowfully sets his box aside. He curses his luck again in 1996 and subsequently in 1999 again. Time flows. He has a son of his own now and Pakistan still hasn’t won any matches. Not even in 2011; even to his wife frustration. Star Sports teases the 6th clash between India and Pakistan in 2015.

A heartfelt note to Shahid Afridi

In 2016, the Pakistani fan records a mournful vlog to the then Pakistani team captain; Shahid Afridi. He is reminded of Pakistan’s losses once again when he sees his box of celebrations untouched since the day it had been bought. He appeals to Shahis Afridi to really get Pakistan’s name out there and even brings in his son in the video to propose a heartfelt plea.

The Buy 1 Break 1 Offer

The 2021 ad starts with the background track that has been used in all preceding ads of this ad campaign. This sets the tone for what is about to commence next.

This time with the T20 World Cup taking place in Dubai; the Pakistani fan meets his counterpart in Dubai as a customer of his store. He brings his box of celebrations with him. This time, in high spirits he demands a big-screen television. The desire being to enjoy the victory on a big screen. Excitedly, he goes on a rant about the new players on his side this time and their abilities. The Indian fan presents him with 2 TVs. Solving the Pakistani fan’s puzzlement by this presentation; he tells him that he is mocking him for his delusion. He reminds him that Pakistan has lost 5 times against them and thus expecting to win in 2021 would be a worthless expectation to hold. With this expectation, he presents him with an extra TV; as it is a running joke that sports fans destroy TV in a fit of rage. Hence, the Buy 1 Break 1 offer.

Seeing that the recent “Mauka Mauka” ad did well, Star Sports has chosen to milk this opportunity as much as they can. Recently, they released another promotional gig in which the Pakistani fan goes to Mumbai and meets his admirers.