Amazon Ads Takes A Dig At Traditional Ads With Bad Media Placement

4 mins read

In the world of advertising, nailing a killer campaign isn’t exactly easy. It involves months of brainstorming, planning, and creating. But guess what? All that sweat can easily go down the drain if your media placement falls flat. That’s where Amazon Ads steps in with something cool – they’ve teamed up with Anomaly to bring you “Ads That Work as Hard as You Do.” Amazon wants you to say goodbye to lackluster placements and deploy ads that actually pull their weight!

Amazon Ads: Where Creativity Meets Smart Placements

Debuting on the heels of an OOH activation at Cannes Lions, Amazon Ads is taking things up a notch with a snappy 30-second global ad. Say hello to ‘Cheri,’ a fictional drink sensation. This ad takes you behind the scenes, showing the hustle that goes into crafting a killer ad. But here’s the twist – ‘Cheri’ ends up on a billboard practically hiding behind a tree, on a busy freeway. The video closes out with the text: “All that, for this?” 

Unfortunately that sneaky billboard is not just a funny twist, it’s a reality check. Beyond the humorous element, Amazon Ads aims to offer solutions for optimising media placements across diverse platforms. The campaign promises access to premium ad spaces and incorporates intelligent measurement tools to gauge impact. This approach acknowledges the challenges inherent in the advertising landscape and tries to ensure that advertising investments yield substantial results.

The campaign demonstrates an appreciation for the nuances and idiosyncrasies of the advertising industry. It recognises the potential for ads to find placement in unexpected locations, showcasing an understanding of the unpredictability that advertisers often encounter despite the stars aligning to bring together strong media, strategy and creative partners.

Worldwide Pull For A Global Impact

The campaign rollout spans a global scale, encompassing multiple regions and platforms. With three distinct ads, the initiative is set to captivate audiences across various mediums, including online videos, social media, digital displays, and digital audio. This comprehensive approach underscores Amazon Ads’ commitment to innovation and widespread reach.

Digital Ads Vs Traditional Ads

In the rapidly evolving landscape of advertising, digital ads have emerged as a dynamic and impactful alternative to traditional advertising methods. Unlike their conventional counterparts, digital ads offer unparalleled targeting precision, allowing advertisers to reach highly specific audiences based on demographics, interests, and online behaviours. This level of personalisation enhances the relevance of ads, fostering a deeper connection between brands and consumers.

Moreover, digital ads provide real-time analytics, enabling advertisers to measure and adjust campaigns in real-time, optimising performance and return on investment. With the ability to engage audiences across multiple platforms, seamless interactivity, and the potential for viral sharing, digital ads offer a nimble and cost-effective approach that holds the promise of revolutionising the advertising landscape.

As Amazon Ads and Anomaly embark on this innovative campaign, they not only recognise the power of digital advertising but also strive to leverage its potential to create impactful and resonant messages that truly work as hard as advertisers do.


In a nutshell, the “Ads That Work as Hard as You Do” campaign offers a pragmatic perspective on advertising challenges. By addressing the crucial role of media placement and embracing the quirks of the industry, Amazon Ads and Anomaly try to empower advertisers with tools and insights that elevate the impact of their campaigns.