How Spotify's 'Only You' Leverages Personalisation In A Unique Way

How Spotify’s ‘Only You’ Leverages Personalisation In A Unique Way

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Spotify is famous for offering a highly personalized user experience, one that is derived from the swathes of user data it gathers. Oftentimes, Spotify packages all this data into a visual offering to give its users quirky stats and facts about their music listening habits. In fact, users love Spotify’s personalisation efforts so much that they share their music breakdowns on social media in high numbers.

At the end of each year, the Wrapped campaign by Spotify tells its users about their listening behaviour throughout the year. Spotify’s stock price increased by 16% during the last year’s ‘Wrapped’ campaign while its ranking on App Store rose drastically, suggesting the fact the campaign was a success. Spotify is obviously trying to achieve the same kind of success and popularity with their latest ‘Only You’ brand campaign.

Spotify’s Only You is a global brand campaign that comes with a distinctive in-app digital experience, sharable personalised playlists and marketing across multiple channels such as TV, social and digital.

What Spotify’s ‘Only You’ Is About?

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One of the new experience highlights is ‘Your Dream Dinner Party’ which lets users pick three of their favourite artists that they’d invite to a dinner party and Spotify would then make a playlist for each of the chosen artists.

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Another quirky highlight is ‘Your Artist Pairs’ that shows unique pairings of unrelated artists from the listener’s music listening range.

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And then there’s the ‘Your Audio Birth Chart’ which tells users their:

  1. ‘Sun Artist’- The artist they listened to the most in the last 6 months.
  2. ‘Moon Artist’- The artist that shows the user’s emotional side.
  3. ‘Rising Artist’- The artist that they recently started listening to.

Some of these highlights – The Audio Birth Chart and Dream Dinner Party – will be updated daily while other highlights such as Your Artist Pairs won’t be updated regularly as they’re based on a limited set of time.

What Spotify Has to Say About ‘Only You’

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Neal Gorevic, global head of consumer marketing, Spotify, said “‘Only You’ celebrates the uniqueness of each listener through fun stories that highlight the diverse tastes and interests across our global community. Whether you start your day with an episode of ‘Crime Junkie’ or spend your afternoon blasting ‘Rap Caviar’ while replying to emails, how we listen is a reflection of our personalities and who we are. No matter how you listen, you have a home on Spotify,”

Only You is designed to be a sharable experience thereby enticing users to post about their listening habits on social media. By putting its users at the centre of its genius brand campaign, Spotify is leveraging its personalisation prowess to give people a taste of their unique music listening habits. With ‘Only You’, Spotify reminds us how great it is at creating a personalised digital experience for each of its 356 million listeners.