Why Personalized Marketing Matters In 2021 And How You Can Excel In It

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This morning, you received an email from your favorite clothing brand with a message; 

“We know your style the best and we care for you. Visit our store and continue from where you left”

Who wouldn’t feel encouraged to jump in and complete the purchase? Intriguing enough. Right? 

The era of information seeks for personalization. Your audience wants to be recognized. They have long rejected the notion of generic persuasion and have sought personalized content. Personalization improves customer experience and tempts them to collaborate with you in the future. The behavior of visiting Starbucks again in the hope of getting their customized coffee cup (with their first name) is no less a practical example of personalization – an essence of marketing in 2021. 

Seems like you also want to add up the spice of personalization to your marketing plan. We’ve got you covered. We will guide you through the concept and impact of personalized marketing and how you can create your own strategy. 

What is Personalized Marketing?

Personalized Marketing strategy is a recent trend in digital marketing adopted by brands where they deliver tailored content to individual prospects through the use of data collection, analysis, and automated technology. To simplify, it is a one-to-one marketing strategy.

In the words of Leila Nazari, “Success looks like matching where someone is at a given moment (audience) with the most relevant message (content). While that has always been the case with marketing, personalization allows us to go deeper” 

What are the benefits of Personalized Marketing?

Effective Targeting

There is a plethora of data on your customers available for you. Leveraging this data means you can effectively target potential customers and provide them with content that satisfies their needs and wants. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

Your audience will receive content that equivalents to their needs. Also, appealing and customized content will make them happier and prompt them to connect with you. 

Generates higher revenue

Providing the right content at the right time will encourage a higher click-through rate and generate potential leads. You will not have to suffer a long sales cycle with personalized marketing. 

A better content marketing

Your content is valuable only when it is read, watched, and shared. With customized content tailored for specific audiences, they will feel appreciated and understood. This will give a good face to your business. 

How to create the perfect personalization strategy?

Source: Canva Designs 

There is no one-size-fits-all for personalized marketing strategies. However, there are certain tactics that you can leverage to create your own strategy. 

It all starts with data

By marrying data with technology you are already at the doorstep of your potential customers. By data, we mean the demographics and psychographics of your audience. 

Source: Canva Designs 

By creating buyer personas of your customers you are acquainted with their habits and behaviors and want to create content that corresponds to their desires and wants. 

Monitoring online behaviors (email opens, link clicks), surveys and questionnaires, customer service records and feedback, contests and events, shopping carts, and transactions are the best techniques to gather audience data (as long you pledge to protect the privacy of your audience)

Segment the data

So you have gathered relevant data and want to proceed with your operation. But before that, pause for a moment and start segmenting your audience based on the data. This is important because not all consumers would want to receive the same kind of content. Your audience includes visitors, converted leads, customers and promoters. So, delivering the same content to different users might generate negative or zero engagement. 

Create content that your customers need

Delivering the right content at the right time determines your dedication to your customers. Map out your customers’ needs and interests and provide them with relevant content. For example, a baking enthusiast can be provided with discount announcements on baking pans. 

Personalize the entire process

You cannot solely rely on adding a “first name” to your content. Instead personalizing the whole experience is the key. Communicate with your audience as a human and not just a brand. 

These personalized marketing campaigns by industry giants will surely inspire you. 

Ugmonk’s abandoned cart emails

Source: Pinterest 

You cannot overlook this distinguished approach of Ugmonk to lure their customers back to their store. There is a feeling of belongingness between the customer and the brand (as if they are 3 am friends). 

Spotify’s Discover Weekly


Source: Hacker Noon 

Let’s not underestimate Spotify for being that one friend who knows your music preferences and places before you the recommended list of numbers you have never heard before but most likely to play on loop the next week. 

Amazon’s product recommendations

Source: Pure360 

How can we forget the billion-dollar global company killing the game of personalized marketing every year? Amazon’s product recommendations are one the most famous and successful marketing strategies. 

Grammarly’s weekly report


Source: Grammarly Support 

For users concerned about their writing issues, Grammarly curates the data collected from its users and provides an analysis report to show their progress. There is maximum profit for both ends, the users get to know their mistakes and willingly upgrade to paid versions to get better insights into their writing habits and improve their skills.  

Personalized Marketing creates a seamless buying experience for your customers. Done right, your strategy can make your audience feel ‘one in a million and increase brand loyalty.