Marketing Agency Dentsu Has Launched A Content Generation Engine Powered by the GTP-3 AI

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The Data Sciences Division of Dentsu Asia recently announced the launch of an AI (GTP-3) powered content generation engine. The engine has been designed to produce multiple iterations of a creative copy.

The creative copy will be created with regards to the historic and predictive performance of content. The engine will be backed by Dentsu’s own consumer insight and intelligence platform, Dentsu Marketing Cloud (DMC).

What is GPT-3 And What Does it Do?

Source: OpenAI

GPT-3 is created by OpenAI and is the world’s biggest and most advanced language model. Think of it as a powerful auto-complete tool. You write a few words and, GPT-3 will predict the following words in the sentence using deep learning. 

Like every other AI, GTP-3 is a pattern recognition tool. It has been trained on a gargantuan 570GB dataset that includes everything from news articles, books, manuals, computer code and the entirety of Wikipedia.

With GPT-3, creating anything that has a language structure becomes easy. GPT-3 can write essays, translate languages, write books, and even generate computer code.

How Dentsu’s will use GTP-3 to Create a Content Engine

Dentsu is looking to merge its proprietary data-driven marketing engine-the Dentsu Marketing Cloud, with the content engine powered by GPT-3. Built by Dentsu’s Data Sciences Division, the GPT-3 based content generation engine will produce creative copies backed by Dentsu’s performance data.

Source: Dentsu

All employees need to do is, feed the engine with a seed of some social media caption, a theme or topic, and the engine will do the rest. Within a few seconds, the engine will generate several iterations of the best predicted performing caption or post copy based on Dentsu’s data.

  • The creative engine will be available in 15 different languages and is applicable globally.
  • The advanced tool can apply quantitative analysis to both pre and post-live-testing cycles.
  • The content engine uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to predict how audiences will engage and react to any creative message in real-time.

Dentsu said in a press statement that it wants to put the power of artificial intelligence-led copy-creation in the hands of every creative working at Dentsu.

What Dentsu Had to Say About the Content Engine

Regarding the launch, Sidharth Rao, Chairman, Dentsu Webchutney and dentsumcgarrybowen India, said, “One of modern marketing’s most powerful enablers has been using data to understand audiences and create content that resonates powerfully with them. While compelling storytelling is paramount to connecting brands with their audiences, data enables one to move beyond a single limiting thought to unlock the full potential of an idea. As a digital-first creative network, products such as the GPT-3 powered content engine will enable our teams to mitigate the pressure that content creation requires through the intelligent use of technology to drive efficient creative product and deliver better customer experiences.”

Gautam Mehra, chief executive officer, Dentsu Programmatic and chief data officer, Dentsu Asia Pacific, added, “AI & ML allow for the intelligent processing of information to deliver better efficiencies. With Neuro-linguistic Programming and deep learning coming to the forefront of data-driven creative messaging, enabled by GPT-3 and its applications, the link between effective creative messaging and content generation at scale is entering its golden era. The use of this new technology within our creative product is testament to Intelligence Augmentation at the driving seat of creative innovation and yielding better outcomes for clients and marketing practitioners the world over.”