The Most Important Announcements From Google I/O 2021

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Google I/O is Google’s Developer Conference event that the company holds each year to announce its latest developments in software and hardware. This year we got a ton of exciting announcements about Android 12, WearOS, Artificial intelligence along with Google’s focus on privacy.

Here are all the most important things that Google announced this year:

The Latest Version of the OS – Android 12

Source: Google

The biggest announcement from the event was Google’s Android 12 that will come later this year with the company’s latest Pixel devices. The beta version of Android 12 is out right now and users can get an idea of what the polished version will look like.

The biggest change in this version of Android is the complete overhaul in the OS’ design language. Google calls the new design ‘Material You’ since it can be highly personalized. Pixel users can customise the colour palette of their OS based on the wallpaper they pick. Android 12 has also redesigned quick settings and widgets and will feature more fluid animations.

Android 12’s Privacy Dashboard

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Google is following Apple’s footsteps by giving Android users more control of their data. Although it isn’t as aggressive as Apple’s stance on privacy, apps and services will now have to try harder to get data from Android users. Users can check and disable apps that use the sensors like the GPS or camera on their phonez and track apps that have permission to those sensors.

Google partners with Samsung for WearOS

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Google and Samsung are working together to release a new generation of WearOS watches that will have bigger batteries and faster performance. WearOS has an extremely underdeveloped ecosystem as compared to Apple’s WatchOS. Google plans to change this by partnering with Samsung.

Lamda Language Model

Source: Google

Although it isn’t perfect, Google’s new LaMDA model is a breakthrough in conversation technology. Driven by Artificial intelligence, the language model can mimic having realistic conversations with the people that it talks to.

Google’s Project Starline

Source: Google

Project Starline is a technology that creates a real-time 3D model of a person using high-resolution cameras and depth sensors. It is essentially a holographic 3D model that gives the feeling of a real person sitting across the table. Although still in its early phases, Google believes it is the future of person-to-person communication.

Other Minor Announcements:

  • Improved Photos Apps
  • AI-centric Google Maps
  • Android 12 support for ChromeOS
  • Inclusive Image processing API

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