Spreading awareness and information: Ad campaigns for World Heart Day

Spreading awareness and information: Ad campaigns for World Heart Day

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Fast food is always more appetizing. The man in the ad agrees with that. He has no reluctance in admitting that he is alive only to enjoy the pleasures of “good” food and not the other way around. He fancies sweet treats owing to his sweet tooth. Ruffling his grey hair, he hesitantly reveals his lack of passion to join a gym and eat healthily. All of this passionate talking about food exhausts him and he has to stop and catch his breath.

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The practice of working on incomplete knowledge is inculcated from a very young age and carries on for the rest of one’s life. A doctor’s appointment for a medication isn’t considered neccesary.  If an electronic item needs servicing or setting up, we insist on doing it on our own, despite not knowing anything about it. Enhancing one’s skin isn’t done under the guidance of a dermatologist. The outcomes of such advices are dreadful. Similary, despite being concerned about our health, we pay little attention to what we do put inside our bodies.


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Younger Indians are more prone to cardiovascular diseases than before. 25% of Indians who face heart attacks are a part of the population under the age of 40.

A father and son are finally dropped right outside the hospital after getting dropped for stopping way ahead of the stop. The son steps out and recognises the familiar clinic board before offering his father some help to get out. Once inside, the son jokes about getting a wheelchair and the father offers to push it for him. Familiar with the pattern and routines of the clinic for 20 years; as he remarks; the father sits down on the bench meant for the patients. “Less sweet treats and more yoga” the father says; knowing what the doctor is about to tell him. Out of habit, he almost gets up to go when the nurse calls out the name and then remembers the call was meant for his son. He encourages him to go on.

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A corpse of a man stares at the viewer upside down. “I wish I could have my heart attack again.” He regretfully announces; much like Scrooge’s character in A Christmas Carol; how he wished he had paid more attention to the warning signs of a heart attack. The ache in the jaw, the tightness in the chest and the shortness of breath were all the warning signs of a heart attack he had been experiencing in different areas of the house and chose not to call the helpline number. Unlike Scrooge though; he doesn’t get another chance. He realises so as he stares at the family picture.


Women tend to visit the parlour frequently. It is considered a safe place to exchange ideas and thoughts and perhaps even make new friends. Frequent visits to the parlour and familiar people make it easy to discuss topics that would otherwise be too peculiar to talk about.

Saffola created two ad campaigns in 2019 targeted at different genders differently.

  • Parlour

#HeartKaExam with the title Parlour goes something like this. The lady working at the parlour points out her client’s dark circles and questions her sleeping habits as she is threading her eyebrows. The snappy comment from the parlour lady provokes her and she responds with defiance that her target goals wouldn’t be met if she slept. Suddenly, both hear a word of warning, “Sleeping for less than 7 hours could aid heart diseases.” They turn around to find out another woman who was relaxing. Turning to them, she repeats her word of warning once again; as if to remind them and confirm that she was the owner of the cautious voice and the eavesdropper. Shocked by new information, they repeat the advice fearfully. She goes back to her relaxing state, repeating her advice.

  • Tailor

A man at a clothing store is getting his measurements noted. The tailor finds out that his waist measurement is 34 inches. This irks him and he tells him to rerun the measurements which turn out to be 34. He mutters to himself “An increase in waist size could mean heat disease”. Confused, the tailor questions him and the man repeats the cautionary note at a slower speed more indicative tone this time. The tailor and his help look at each other worriedly and his helper looks at his belly as the man ruminates over his anguish over and over. Slowly, the tailor repeats the first half of the phrase and his helper completes it for him. All three of them start repeating the phrase over and over like a mantra.

In both of these ad campaigns in 2019, Saffola highlights the lifestyle habits that could assist the arrival of heart diseases in our lives.