etsy christmas gift

Etsy’s enhancement to the tradition of gift giving

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Gift-giving is an essential tradition of Christmas. Given its importance, deciding what gifts need to be given away can be stressful as one might have to decide every year on what might be the perfect gift for those we love. Etsy has chosen to release 5 ads for the season to refurnish the tradition for people that celebrate Christmas.

A child at heart

While queueing up for a picture with Santa, the Santa themed accessories and goodies seems to ignite something within the heart of the caretaker. The child, being more impatient, rushes him to the front of the line. On Christmas, the caretaker receives a gift of a black Santa stocking from his family which he appreciates.

A buñuelo’s recipe

As the title may have suggested, this ad was meant to be an on-screen portrayal of the Hispanic-American population; given the tongue of speakers in the ad.

A young girl receives a present from her mother, a dish with an engraved recipe of buñuelos. Perchance the mother is dead, assuming by the aunt’s use of the word ‘she’ and a reference to a person who could have taught something. In any way, it is a hint to an older kindly woman.

The supposed aunt/relative helps her with the preparation and together they bond over food.

Even after her death, her Christmas gift stands as a semblance of love.

Bus Stop

A young man comes running and hands the old woman her dropped wallet. Regarding her old age, he offers to carry her stuff to the bus stop. Pure of heart or out of loneliness, he makes a friend out of her; routinely dropping her stuff at the bus stop in every season. Finally, for Christmas, she gifts him a pair of gloves to express her gratitude.

The tradition

The UK has a huge problem of loneliness among its senior citizens. Not just for the elderly, but anyone lonely; this problem gets worse on holidays. People we could see occasionally also go back home to their families.

An elderly woman makes the most of her time alone during holidays. Her friend sensing her dismay invites her to an arranged party of traversing a water body.

Acceptance and Love

Catering to German-speaking folks, Etsy made 2 ads in German.

A talented but poor young pianist gets rejected from the social group of boys his age for his financial status. He repeatedly finds himself looking at them sheepishly, longing for acceptance, but to no avail.  The boy who originally turned him down seems to have quietly noticed his feelings. So, on the day of Christmas, he gifts him a pendant with the name “Mozart”, like the ones the others were wearing bearing their names.

The other ad is about a gay couple.

Tearfully, the now old man remembers the time when he had first laid his eyes on his current partner in the party, many nights ago. The catalyst is a music box, a gift from his now-husband on Christmas.