Shah Rukh Khan and Cadbury’s sweet message wins the admiration of fans online

Shah Rukh Khan and Cadbury’s sweet message wins the admiration of fans online

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Amid the recent, perchance unwanted controversy Shah Rukh Khan has gotten into; he has made the headlines for something quite unrelated.

Cadbury launched a new advertisement for the upcoming festival Diwali, stressing how it isn’t just an advertisement.

Not Just A Cadbury Ad

As it is usual to the day of Diwali which is packed with hustle and bustle; Shah Rukh Khan gets a call from outside; while he is adjusting his sherwani.

Shah Rukh Khan is one of the biggest stars in Bollywood. He is also well-known for his delivery, famous lines and poses. With its prominence, it isn’t uncommon that his dialogues, lines or poses are repeatedly used. Neither is it uncommon anymore to see him deliver them in advertisements. Cadbury has also used these niches and appropriately made them relevant for the monologue he has to deliver in the ad.

He is in the midst of his delivery when his aunt catches him in the act, however, and urges that he quickly join the guests waiting outside. Appreciating her attire, he directs her out of the room.

He continues his monologue promoting “known but not-a-luxury brand” stores. The message here being that buying local supports other people directly and saves money since the trader charges aren’t being pocketed by the middlemen.

It is a practice in Diwali to buy new assets and goods. “Local sellers also deserve a happy Diwali, right?” Shah Rukh Khan reminds.

Reception of the ad

Because of the aforementioned controversy mentioned at the start of the article; the initial response on Twitter wasn’t good. Some Twitteratis were quick to announce their boycott of the brand because of Shah Rukh Khan’s inclusion in it; despite its likeable message.

Others were of course, more accepting and pleased with the message and the content of the ad.