Cowra Tourism’s alluring ad campaign attracts Chris Hemsworth's attention

Cowra Tourism’s alluring ad campaign attracts Chris Hemsworth’s attention

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A small town in the Central West region of New South Wales, Australia, Cowra has attracted the attention of netizens and Chris Hemsworth concerning their new ad campaign for their small.

Cowra Tourism’s Ad

The ad campaign meant to get Chris Hemsworth’s attention was unlike any other poor attempt to attract attention. It felt sincere and honest in its approach with its title and content. It is almost as if they made the entire video just for him.

One of Cowra Tourism’s operatives informs the other about Chris Hemsworth’s role in Australia’s tourism. While still being in disguise of the conversation, they inform their viewers about the specialities of Cowra, from Cowra’s Japanese gardens to the food and wine.

They have encased Cowra’s hospitable environment and its overall likeable aspects in an almost impersonated personal letter to him. Even went as far as to plan to build a statue in his honour naming it “The Big Chris” and making a hashtag for him: “GetChrisToCowra”.

Chris Hemsworth’s response

Surely, the delightful video made its way to Chris Hemsworth, who seemed pleased enough to share the ad campaign on his Instagram. Chris Hemsworth; as a known fact been the Tourism Ambassador for Australia since 2016; has replied in the caption. He has mentioned how the campaign had caught his heart and is planning to visit the town next year. Since Australia is still under lockdown in many places owing to Covid-19 and he is busy undergoing projects overseas; he will be visiting the town when things are back to normal.

Cowra’s Response

Folks at Cowra Tourism seem more than happy to brag about their accomplishment. A whole website was dedicatedly made for this, writing “Move over Sydney Harbour Bridge, Uluru, Opera House, and Great Barrier Reef, plans are underway for Australia’s next International icon – ‘The Big Chris’!” Apparently, the plans for building The Big Chris are real and underway!

Hilariously, everything about this website is dedicated to Chris Hemsworth. The aforementioned para covers “The Big Chris”. The “Dear Chris” section is a page that is filled with messages from Cowra residents to Chris Hemsworth. A badly photoshopped Chris Hemsworth reading letters sits at the bottom of the messages.

Cowra was so excited about Chris Hemsworth’s reply that they have placed cardboard cut-outs of him in hopes that it will excite new visitors to their website to come to visit Cowra. You can find those pictures underneath the “Snap a Selfie with Chris”