How Brands Are Celebrating Eid This Year

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The festival of love, warmth, and togetherness is here, and with social distancing being the need of the hour people can’t come together at Masjids for Holy prayer and visit their loved ones.

Even at the time of despair, brands have sent warm wishes and messages of hope to the audience and celebrate Eid in the most unconventional ways. Here are some brands that stole our attention with their creatives. From ad creatives to visuals, let’s see what they have on stock for us.

Ashok Leyland

This beautiful ad creative by the automotive manufacturer spreads positivity and happiness. Especially in a crisis when people are turning hostile towards each other, this ad reminisces the importance of sharing and paying respect.

Source: YouTube

Tata Motors

They create beyond expectations. Every campaign of theirs has enticed our hearts. This heartwarming ad has again brought tears to our eyes and we cannot stop but to praise every moment – beautiful and positive.

Source: YouTube

Kotak Mutual Fund

A situation that demands oxygen cylinders, hospital beds, and support. A true story indeed. Kindness to those in need is also a way of celebrating Eid, and Kotak salutes every hero who has reached out during this pandemic.

Source: YouTube

Samaara Tea

“No matter your culture, it is kindness that brings people together in times of need” – the message given by this ad campaign. What beautiful creative and heart-touching gestures – we absolutely cannot get over.

Source: YouTube

Cadbury Dairy Milk

Every campaign by Cadbury has been about sharing love through the sweetness. This Eid, Cadbury encourages the audience to share the same sweetness with those in need through this animated short clip.

Brands like Flipkart, Starbucks, Netflix, Aashirvaad, Nerolac, Oyo, and Colgate have also sent warm wishes through these creative visuals that we are obsessed with.

We can see the crescent moon shining bright in each creative.

This year, we couldn’t witness the traditional glory of love and togetherness. People have been obediently following the social distancing protocols and many festivals might not have the traditional spark. We hope this crisis gets past soon and we can celebrate every festival together, with love and positivity.