Step Back in Time With Apple TV+’s Spectacular Dinosaur Artworks

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Apple TV+ is launching the second season of the award-winning documentary series, ‘Prehistoric Planet.’ And to promote the show, the brand has unveiled a jaw-dropping series of dinosaur artworks that will transport you back to the ancient world of these magnificent creatures. 

Be amazed by the iconic Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, and Hatzegopteryx as they come to life in vivid detail with the artistic brilliance of David Popa.

The Artistic Marvels of David Popa

Source: Apple TV 

Renowned artist David Popa, from the trailblazing MTArt agency, has worked his magic to create these spectacular pieces. These magnificent pieces are made even more remarkable as Popa solely utilized natural materials such as earth pigments, ground shells, charcoal, and local chalk to craft these larger-than-life murals. 

A Fusion of Art and Eco-Consciousness

Source: Apple TV 

Each piece took over 12 hours to create and was crafted using ecological materials. The masterpieces were deliberately designed to dissolve and vanish with the rain, leaving absolutely no environmental impact.

The brilliant minds at Taylor Herring, the agency behind these ads also selected awe-inspiring locations as a canvas for these prehistoric artworks, adding to the magic of their creations.

Majestic Triceratops on the Jurassic Coast

Source: Apple TV 

The fossil-rich Jurassic Coast in Dorset, England, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the UK showcases the majestic Triceratops. It’s an awe-inspiring sight to behold as the magnificent herbivore roamed the land millions of years ago.

Ancient Apex Predator T-Rex in the Moab Desert

Source: Apple TV 

The Moab Desert in Utah, known for its entombed dinosaur species, displays the ancient apex predator, Tyrannosaurus rex. The artwork helps convey the raw power and ferocity of this legendary carnivore that once lived in this natural habitat.

Flying High with Hatzegopteryx in Finland

Source: Apple TV 

And let’s not forget about Finland, where a remote island serves as the perfect backdrop for the flying Hatzegopteryx. Imagine the sheer size of this prehistoric giant soaring through the skies.

Unraveling the Mysteries of the Past

Source: Apple TV 

In this exciting new season of ‘Prehistoric Planet,’ every day brings a fresh episode that takes you on a thrilling journey back 66 million years to the Late Cretaceous period.  Throughout the season, ‘Prehistoric Planet’ will take you through five captivating habitats: Islands, Badlands, Swamps, Oceans, and North America. Experience the awe-inspiring might of active volcanoes in India, venture into the enigmatic marshlands of Madagascar, and plunge into the depths of the ocean near North America.


The combination of Apple TV+’s spectacular dinosaur artworks and the immersive experience of ‘Prehistoric Planet’ is an unparalleled treat for dinosaur enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Step back in time and let these masterpieces and captivating documentary series transport you to a world long gone.