A Fascination crafted for Youth and Beauty: Skincare ads

A Fascination crafted for Youth and Beauty: Skincare ads

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The desire to appear youthful at all times has been a long-existing passion; especially for women. This is because worth; for a long time; had been assigned to physical appearance. Make-up and its earlier counterparts were invented to achieve that look. Recently, as recent as 2012, skincare has caught the attention of the masses. The desire of appearing youthful hasn’t disappeared but transformed. The horrors of regular application of make-up have finally caught up.  Instead of abandoning the love of appearing youthful forever; a wish to maintain and perhaps improve one’s skin has taken place. This has allowed people to put their eggs in another basket: skincare, henceforth giving birth to another industry. The global industry for skincare industry is supposed to be valued at 189.3 billion dollars by 2025.

Standard commercials for skincare would look something like AcneStar’s.


An undesirable consequence of wearing masks during the prevalence of covid is the acne that pops up due to the accumulation of oil and dirt on our faces. AcneStar’s ad featuring Himanshi Khurrana was a regular ad when put in a category akin to its kind; a pep talk about the use of their product and why it is important to take care of your skin.

But recently, companies have started to realise that a premium product in skincare is catered to one’s skin. So, we get to see ads like so:


Grooming products are usually categorised into particular labels; certainly and surprisingly similar to society characterising people into groups and labels. It is easier to form snap judgements based on outer appearance.

#iammytype was to show that every woman is different in their way and SkinKraft’s skincare isn’t the one to judge like others and caters to everyone in their personalised way.


Zoe and Asher are different people with different perspectives of their lives. Zoe is the one who is clean, diplomatic and a peak performer. On the other hand, Asher is unsophisticated and a klutz. Despite being so different and even having different approaches to skincare, both struggle in taking care of their skin. Curology promises that they can build a custom skincare line that is designed for your skin and wouldn’t be the same as any other skincare product.

Conventionally, for skincare, people trust dermatologists more. Hence, they assure that all of their products that are made after getting the information about their skin; is dermatologically tested.

High-end skincare line advertisements:


Rihanna already carries a successful make-up line Fenty Beauty. Perhaps this is why the ad promoting her skincare line didn’t need the amount of convincing as other skincare ads. Shots of the skincare products and nature randomly inserted in the video were enough as Rihanna was the star campaigner with a successful name in her business.


In this ad for Environ, the narrator acting as the brand’s spokesperson shares what Environ is about and why skincare is important. Under the curtain of narration plays a short video of 3 friends who are going to take a trip together. Being healthy individuals, eating healthy and exercising is the first thing they do every morning. Using these as metaphors, they try to push the flow in the direction of their narration to the importance of good skincare. As a lady puts on her makeup, they emphasise that true beauty lies within oneself.

They try to compare air and oxygen as true necessities of human life and the value of Vitamin A to one’s skin. This is what they say in the ad: Trying to aim to have good skin throughout life is the same as every other long-term goal. There are no shortcuts. Through consistent efforts and patience, one gets what one wants. And, just like skincare enthusiasts might be devoted to this effort; Environ claims they have done the same for their product too. Those, not yet committed to the effort; should do so.

The videography and narration seem quite different from each other. This might make it tough for some viewers to focus. On the bright side, both the visuals and narration are attractive. Thus, paying attention to even one of them would be enough. Both highlight the importance of good skin.