Tanishq encourages you to have a difficult conversation with your betrothed

Tanishq encourages you to have a difficult conversation with your betrothed

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Although untitled as so; Tanishq makes a ‘short film’; a tag which would have been allotted to it by the definition of mainstream pop culture. The video comprises of a few young couples who are engaged to each other talking about subjects that would inevitably cloud their married life.

Marriage conversations as important as those discussed in the ad are crucial; more so if 2 people are brought together by the tradition of arranged marriage. Love in the culture of romanticism; is falling head over heels for someone with a brief introduction and being submerged for the rest of one’s life. However wonderful and intoxicating this idea sounds on paper, in reality; this would most likely fail. This affection however lovely it sounds will realistically only last for a brief period. And drastically different, marriage is an expected commitment for a lifetime. While a superficial love for external qualities can exist alongside a lasting marriage, knowing another person inside out is what will count for oneself and the partner.

Marriage Conversations-Tanishq’s ad

Different parties air out different concerns they have been holding for a while. For example, how to one woman; adopting matters intensely as she was adopted by her mother. To another, her brutal depression is the enemy. Existing alongside it on her own has been difficult and her partner should know the extent of corruption that takes over on those days.

A young man reveals to his fiancé how he has plans on taking on more risky endeavours in his near future. This would affect his and possibly their combined finances as well.

Fortunately, for all of them, their partners seem accepting enough to take these concerns on board and possibly work alongside it.

Whether these conversations end in a positive outcome or not, difficult conversations should be held.