CoinsDCX Launches Bitcoin Liya Kya Campaign Encouraging Indian Investors To Invest In Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm. Not a week goes by without a mention of NFTs, Bitcoin or even meme coins like dogecoin being in the news. India too has seen an increase in interest in the cryptocurrency space with WazirX (India’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange) signing up 1.1 million new users in the month of April alone.

Amongst all this hype, millennials and gen-z of India are the ones most fascinated by digital currencies. Banking on the ever-increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, CoinDCX launched the #BitcoinLiyaKya digital campaign on various social media platforms to get new people to invest.

What the #BitcoinLiyaKya campaign is about

The campaign introduces cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to Indian investors who may have a traditional outlook on investing. It is a humorous campaign that encourages people to expand their investment opportunities into cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

The campaign appeals to the millennial and gen-z age groups that look at cryptocurrencies in a better light while also encouraging traditional investors who might have had doubts about investing in the digital asset class.

CoinDXC is specifically focusing on bitcoin with this campaign and will offer new users Rs 100 of free bitcoin if they use the ‘CoinDCXGo’ offer code while signing up. However, to unlock the prize, user’s will need to hold for a month and make at least one purchase with their account. CoinDXC will also be offering some lucky users the chance to win a whole bitcoin.

What CoinDCX said about the campaign

Source: CoinDCX

Regarding the campaign, Ramalingam Subramanian, Head of Brand and Communication, CoinDCX said, “with the #BitcoinLiyaKya campaign, we aim the viewers to consider Bitcoin as an investment class asset. We want people of India to consider investing 1 to 5% of their portfolio in crypto-assets such as Bitcoin. I think the millennials are digital savvy, they will be benefiting the most by investing in this digital gold.”

He also added, “at CoinDCX, we have been empowering investors in making safe & secure investments in popular crypto-assets like Bitcoin since our inception in 2018. Our CoinDCX Go app has been launched to facilitate the same purpose, and it has already crossed 1 million downloads in just five months. We aim to onboard new investors by leveraging the virtues of the simple, safe and compliant crypto ecosystem through this campaign and march towards building a larger investor community”.

Investors should remember that cryptocurrencies remain highly volatile and the government has been slow at providing regulation for the asset class. Therefore, investors should be absolutely cautious when investing in them and should do their own research.