5 Must See Patriotic and Touching Independence Day Ads

5 Must See Patriotic and Touching Independence Day Ads

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Companies will often never try to lose a chance to use a day as favourable as Independence Day to advertise their products or services. Overlapping the tricolour over or near the ad is an oversimplified way of advertising. But ads evoking a sense of emotion or patriotism are always more enchanting. Ads as such also stand a chance of being watched repeatedly. 

Below lies are 5 examples of such adverts:

1. United by Faith

United Colors of Benneton produced an emotional ad with the help of Terribly Tiny Tales.

TTT which is known for its storytelling used the opportunity of Independence Day to revive an important but forgotten virtue. 

Following the basis of a true story, they follow an old man as he goes about his day. The old man is particularly devoted to this particular temple and is quite helpful to their practices in spite being a Muslim. Inducing a benevolent message in the midst of the current turbulent political atmosphere; was a good reminder of what India meant to stand for when it chose its Independence and declared itself to be a democratic republic.

United Colors of Benneton keep their advertising subtle but noteworthy through close clear shots of the outfits and accessories worn by the actors in the ad. This ad was one among the calmest and most sentimental way of marketing products.


2. Making India

Among brands that share their market in India, those whose foundations were or are laid in India often possess the ability to come out with the best ads for Independence or Republic Day.

Ads like the one about to be described often evoke a sense of pride of nationality within an average citizen, which could be later directed into the products.

In an ad by Godrej in 2018, they start by listing their contributions in Indian economy that date far back as 1897 with lock manufacturing, soap production in 1920, to producing India’s first ballot box in 1952, typewriters in 1955, refrigerators in 1958, until now in 21st century with their ambitious contribution in production of key components of Mars mission in 2013 and through many more distinct products.


3. Save the Tiranga

In 2017, MicroMax released an ad that highlighted the issues of our country that have plagued us since Independence. 

The advertisement shows us how Independence Day and our spirit of patriotism has been exploited and commercialised. In our craving to appear more faithful to our country, we have done more harm. We have normalised the terrible working environments for abused and underage children in labour. Those children are employed to produce and sell bulk products of Independence Day “merchandise” usually made of plastics or other unrecyclable material. The symbols of Independence find their way to filth, usually the very next day and ultimately join the landfills made by clearing the forest cover.

In an unforeseen and unsuspecting advertising strategy, they unknowingly raised another issue that trended in 2020: The dominance of Chinese products in Indian market.

A truly patriotic move by an Indian, they say, would be to download their app. This would help as it would not reinforce those exploitative labour environments, land pollution, climate change all while still acclaiming the pride of being an Indian.


4. My Independence Day

A popular ad strategy is to raise a social issue and make it a theme of the ad. Through the issue, the products or service offered by the company are always shown as a medium of help or convenience. 

Likewise in 2018, Ola revealed the morning routine of a woman. While, nothing odd seems to spark from the previous sentence, a short snap would make the world of difference to some people. It is because the woman shown in the ad is a transgender woman. 

Drawing attention to Indian society’s discriminatory mindset towards LGBTQ+, Ola; through their first transgender driver, Meghana Sahoo; chose to bring the issue in limelight. 


5. iDPledge

Any news or issue related to soldiers or martyrs is bound to evoke the Samaritan in any Indian. Thus, it isn’t a surprise that if companies choose to centre their ad around them, it is immediately a big hit.

iD; in a noble effort to help the Indian Armed Force and their families made an ad for iDPledge in 2017. 

This ad publicised the issue of a deceased soldier’s young son. The boy tries to navigate his way around daily life all alone but a lack of a father figure seems to take a toll financially and emotionally.

iD through this active initiative wishes to thank the soldiers at the border, for their effort. This initiative was made to give something in return for their contribution.