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Apple is undoubtedly one of the greatest companies in today’s world. It has innovated with each passing year and today we all have so much to learn from it. Apple products, as we know, are superbly designed and so is its website. Let’s take a look at what we can learn from Apple’s website design.


5 Website Design Ideas From Apple

Image Source: Apple

Apple’s website is a visual treat. People simply can’t resist being impressed by every element of it. Apple is known for its excellent design, be it its devices, Apps, or website. Everything designed by Apple is beautiful and elegant.

Even though each element of Apple’s website is worth praise, we’ll see the best 5 elements of their website that we can take an idea from while designing our website. 


#1. Easy Navigation

Image Source: Apple

The navigation of Apple’s website is so easy and smooth that people from any age group can easily navigate through it. Anyone who wants to see their products doesn’t have to scroll too long or search for any item. 

The small icons are simple and clearly tell the category they belong to. 

How to implement this on your website?

Keep the navigation bar right at the top. Don’t make people find your products by scrolling all the way down. You can also use small icons as Apple does to make navigation easier. 


#2. Awesome Copywriting

Apple’s product copies are so beautifully written that it’s difficult to take your eyes off while reading. 

Readers get mesmerized upon reading Apple’s products copies. You can actually imagine yourself using the product when you read any of the copies. The beautiful words make the readers fall in love with the product.

Apple treats copywriting as an art and not just another task to complete. They use several figures of speech like alliteration, rhyming, rhythm, repetition to make people want to read it over and over again. 

How to implement this on your website?

  • Understand that copywriting is an art. Let your creative juices flow while writing a copy. 
  • Keep it simple to read – don’t use difficult words.


#3. Fewer Words and More Pictures

Apple uses beautiful and high-quality product images that complement its copy and add to the visual treat.

The high-quality pictures create a desire in the minds of the viewers. It makes them dream of using the product. 

Apple provides even the busiest viewers a window to dream without having to read anything!

How to implement this on your website?

  • Fewer yet beautiful words.
  • More images and videos to explain your product.
  • Beautiful and high-quality images.


#4. Simplicity

Image Source: Apple

Apple’s website is beautifully simple. It uses simple and earthy colors. Just one product on the screen at a time.

Apple uses lots of white space on the display of any product. This drives all the reader’s attention only towards that single product image. 

How to implement this on your website?

  • Use more white spaces and less eye-catching colors.
  • Try to keep as few products as possible on one screen at a time.


#5. Design Consistency

The design of each page of Apple’s website has a lot of things in common, that we’ve discussed above. This is what we call consistency in design. 

While scrolling down on any page of Apple’s website, you’ll notice that a few elements – like the theme, background color, font, and so on – never change.

How to implement this on your website?

Use a few elements same in all your pages – like font, theme color, design, etc. to maintain consistency in the design of your pages.



Apple has evolved in the past years but has never tried to be like some other brand. Apple is a brand and is consistent about it in all its products, applications, and website as well. So, the key is – Learn From The Experts But Be Yourself.